Friday, July 31, 2009

A Couple More Pics

Been working super hard this week, in spite of a migraine that started Saturday and didn't give up till Wednesday. Of course I have to thank my Excedrine for the ability to function. I guess what I'm really saying is that I don't have much interesting blog fodder. 

The only exception to that is that I may get to be co-workers with one of my fav classmates, which I may or may not have set up =)

Anyway, to keep all 2 or 3 of you reading, here are a couple more pics from the other day. I was all mesmerized by the water and the sunlight. 

Too bad I didn't take some pics from the other side and catch all the rainbows, maybe next time I go there I'll remember that. Not that we've had much sun lately, and I'm not complaining. Getting rain at this time of year is awesome, cuts the heat in half and it does my okra good =) 

Maybe I'll be a good girl and show you the hilarious state of my garden next time. For now, it's back to Speed Racer, the movie. Which I have to sheepishly admit, I'm really loving for all it's psychedelic charm. 

See y'all in the funny papers

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Knitcrazy said...

Congrats on your Graduation!!! :)

XX Penny