Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Wednesday to Me

Guess what? The husband was acting oddly as he was coming in this evening and as I looked around the corner he was holding a surprise for me.

I can barely even believe it myself, but I am the giddy new owner of a MacBookPro! DUDES! Do you have any idea how darn long I've been wanting a Mac? It's been nearly 20 years. That's a long long long time to wait. (well, maybe just two longs - so long long time) =) I know that some people wait for stuff longer than that, but it's been half my life, so feels long to me. 

So far I'm in love, OF COURSE. Just seeing Garage Band down there in the icons just made me clap my hands and giggle like a three year old who just saw one of those giant theme park lollypops.

By the time my mind realized I wanted to take a picture it was dark, so this will have to do

Me happy =)) 

Me love Macs


Me speechless now


Dreams of Yarn said...

YAY YAY YAY !!!! What a wonderful gift.

Heidi said...

Ha! I love your analogy.