Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Actually, I didn't officially join the Olympics - but I have managed to unofficially get gold medals on both my languishing WIPs.

Self patterning yarn is the best. The only problem I had with this yarn is that once you drop a stitch, the yarn gets excessively splitty. Much of the knitting I did on these was in low light, which doesn't help.

As for my finished sweater, it turns out I don't have the ability to take a flattering picture of myself in it. Hopefully when I wore it the other day, it wasn't so unflattering - lol At any rate, it's very comfy and warm. It's pretty scratchy, so I wear something under it, which is sorta what I have to do with all sweaters, since the wind blows into them and gets me frozen.

On both projects I used the Miraculous Elastic Bind Off which is the first bind off I've ever used that I don't have to use an oversized needle in order to have the bind off as stretchy as the knitted fabric. It's my new favorite thing.

And here is my lunch today, it turned out pretty, so I took a picture =)

On a side note, Gene Kelly aka D'Artagnan is whistling on the TV and my dog is rapt at attention - I love rewinding the DVR and watching George tilt his head and perk up his ears. hehehe


Anonymous said...

lol about George!

Well, I'm sure the sweater *is* flattering - it's bound to be with that great shaping.

Well done on the gold! It is supposed to be a test of skills, and it certainly was for me!

Thanks for the link to the miraculous cast off because I always struggle with my cast off edges.

Patty said...

April, I LOVE YOU for that link to the elastic bind off - thanks so much! Just finished my first toe up sock using that bind off and it worked like a charm! Congrats on your Olympic knitting too.