Friday, March 12, 2010

OH Bother!

AH, errata, thou dost vex me so! In hindsight, it should have been obvious, right? I mean look at it! HELLO!

It's just that any time I start any lace pattern, I'm all muddly at first which means I don't comprehend the chart as a whole and I don't look ahead in the chart as I ought to. I always have a few false starts and do-overs. You'd think that by now, I would realize that I should always always always use some of my other, not so wonderful, yarn and do a trial run. Maybe it sank in this time enough to be remembered next time. One can only hope so, eh?

At any rate, the yarn dealt with the multiple knitting and raveling incidents, and only the first few inches came untwisted. Of course, I'm much happier with this attempt, now that I have a better overall understanding of the chart and how it goes.

Isn't it nice when muddly gives way to clarity?

And now, I just have to think up a name for this scarf. Any ideas?


Dreams of Yarn said...

ITs absolutely fantastic when muddy gives way to clarity :) enjoy the knitting as it flows !

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's lovely! Good news about the yarn withstanding the ... erm ... changes!

Rainy Daisy said...

What a lovely pattern!

And swatches are for the weak. Be strong, warrior!