Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder ....

... if the endorphins associated with getting new yarn in the mail clouds a person's perception to the point where they think a nice forrest green can by any stretch of the imagination coordinate with a very dark teal?

The brown you see there, that's really the green - my poor mac's webcam doesn't do so great with the colors - but at least you can see it doesn't clash.

Here... is the offending teal. (Yes it doesn't look teal in the picture, but it really is - just like the background isn't really purple, but navy blue) On it's own it's fine, even pleasant, but with the other two, it's just awful. When I first got it though, apparently I didn't notice the obvious clash. The yarn was ordered to make a sweater for my oldest boy. Again, there is an obvious error. There is NO way that's enough yarn for a sweater for my gangly child - I rather doubt it's enough for a sweater for a baby. VERY odd - and it makes me wonder, what was I about. For the record, there is more than what you see, a few more in the back, but it's still no where near enough.

Fortunately, I really owe my youngest child a better hat, and I'm itching to do some nicer Fair Isle. If I have a decent amount left, I'll make him a better scarf than the last one - he likes it ok, but I'm sorta on the bleh side of the fence about it.

You can sorta see the clash a little better in this picture, and my possible solution. The lighter blue actually coordinates decently, and since I'm wanting to branch out into a more complicated Fair Isle, I do want the 3 colors.

As for the socks in my last post, I'm nearly done casting off, but (once again) miscalculated and ran out of yarn during the cast off, so, I'm currently letting it sit a couple of days to make a decision. Rip back and cast off earlier ... or use a random scrap to finish. It doesn't matter too much, they're already pretty random.

Hopefully, I'll have my camera's memory back soon and can at least take real pictures again soon. And if this post is a blah as it sounds in my head, it's probably because I'm just getting over a nasty bout of strepp throat and suddenly feeling the need for a nap. It was bad enough that I was actually too sick to go to the doctor. Anyway, I'm feeling lots better compared to that. By the time I got to see a doctor, she looked at my throat and said "OH MY! That's really bad. I'm going to give you two shots today." And I said, "Good! Because I feel like crap." So I'm a bit off my game. I should be back to my normal (well.... that's debatable) self by next time.


Anonymous said...

You poor wee thing.
It's always disappointing when stuff you buy doesn't work (in whatever way). I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work.

Dreams of Yarn said...

Boo. I've been subject to yarn purchase insanity as well. As noted by another faithful reader above, re-purposing the yarn is a great way to make it work and I'm sure you can do it!

Hope the strep clears right fast!