Thursday, December 10, 2015

Baby Surprise Stashbuster

Elizabeth Zimmerman was a genius. I would love for my brain to work the way hers did. The baby surprise sweater is (as many others have said) engineering genius. I've made one and am working on my second. The thing is, the time in between knits means I've forgotten everything I figured out working the first one. 

I understand her instructions being completely understandable to her and many others. They are, quite wonderful and simple. It's just that, for me to know what I'm doing, I need to know exactly where I am at all times - which means knowing what row I'm on and how many stitches are supposed to be on that row etc etc. So I (being me) have to over complicate the pattern to keep it straight in my brain.

Maybe if I make about 3 or 4 in a row, I'll have the recipe down in my head enough not to need these notes. But rest assured, if I go another 2 years without making any more, I'll need the notes again (and again) Considering I'm on a dual stashbusting/getting my groove back kick, I should be able to use up all the baby yarn I have. 

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