Monday, December 7, 2015

Second Thought Beanie

The stash-busting continues. It's been quite a long time since I've actually been in the habit of knitting, that it's taking some time to get back in the swing of it. I ought to be doing better than I am, but, for one reason or another I can't seem to settle down and focus. So, in an attempt to knit down my stash of less marvelous yarns while getting myself back into being a real knitter, I've been working on getting my dishcloth cotton knitted into useable objects rather than balls of yarn that seem to just sit there and long to be real stuff.

I had planned of making lots of dishtowels. I've got to that stage where I have worn out most of my dishtowels and really don't like the rest of them. =) So I started another random dishtowel, much like I started the last one. No pattern, no specific number of stitches, just cast on randomly and start to knit. Once I cast on, I realized I didn't want to do garter stitch and I was bored with seed stitch. So I started doing YO K2tog just for kicks. Once I'd been doing that back and forth for a while, I noticed it didn't want to be a dishtowel. (funny how some projects seem to have their own personalities) It would have been a very odd towel, anyway, too floppy to be serviceable, really.

I looked at it, flipped it over and looked at it some more. (we were in the car on a meandering road trip of sorts) I dropped down the vanity mirror on the visor and wrapped it around my head. As it turns out... it was the perfect size for a little hat thing. I joined the stitches and began to knit in the round after fudging the number of stitches only slightly with one strategically placed K3tog and continued on with the same basic YO K2tog. Of course it was only then I recalled the obvious implications of straight knitting back and forth in a pattern and switching to straight knitting in the round. I pressed on anyway just to see it I could deal with it and I found I could bear it very cheerfully indeed. (emulating Charlotte Lucas from the Ehle/Firth P&P)

Here's the result
One Stash-buster Second Thought Almost Flapper Beanie

What do ya think?

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