Monday, March 19, 2007

How Many Irons Fit in One Fire?

I've been asking myself that for the last few days. It's really the story of my life, with one alteration. This time it's mostly stuff I actually WANT to do. My little photography biz is getting a decent little start. I've taken oh.... about a MILLION pictures! lol not quite, but it feels like it. I'll give y'all a tiny peek (eeek)

This band is called After the Tragedy
They're out of Arkansas and a very talented group.

Then there is the normal biz of Spring around here. I'm the landscaper here, so off to Home Depot I went to procure supplies for all the stuff I have to do out there. I'm off to a decent start though. See my pretty flowering trees?

And some bigger houses for two of my trees that live indoors. My other plants are due for re-potting as well, so I took advantage of the stoneware they had on sale. PURTY? yes?

How awesome is my avocado plant, eh? This is the first one I've EVER gotten to sprout. I'm all proud. It's about to grow itself out of it's spot on my window sill. Once I get it repotted it'll take it's place next to my palmy tree above.

My aloe is a little twisted, but I think he'll like his new home. I gave him some plant food to munch last night, and he already looks much greener.

Hubster is talking about growing corn. Well.....that's funny. I told him he'd have to buy a tiller and get to work if he wants that! I'm gonna put out some tomatoes and peppers somewhere in the yard, but they don't take up much room and I have plenty of little spots around trees that have decent soil because of my constant mulching and dumping coffee grounds(good for awesome roses) and eggshells(calcium ='s great flowers or flowering trees) and old potting soil and top soil and humus w/added cow help hahaha. The rest of the yard.... the soil is like concrete. I can barely grow WEEDS in the backyard! So corn? WHA HA HAHAHAHAHAHHHHHAAAA - I'm sure he thinks my screws are still loose, but that's ok. (If they are...well... no one is free of blame for that around here) See Sasquatch rant from several posts ago. heh

ALRIGHTY THEN... oh yes, this is my practice homework from my guitar teacher who is a GENIUS and um.... I'm glad, because I definitely can't get bored. I'm looking at him all wide eyed and questioning, like, 'HUH? that's a good question, teacher... aaaahhhh.... ummmmmmm.... k?' He says I'm doing really well, I think I'd believe him if I knew WHAT I was doing well, because I'm still trying to wrap my mind around most of it, check it out...

Oh, and I am officially humbled - why is that? Look what happens when the awesome Grumperina mentions you in her blog:

Is that not wild? I used to get about 100 hits per day before my infamous tail spin and blog deletion fiasco followed by a few months worth slump. I know you regulars understand that it was very necessary for me to take some time to get centered and sort thru the labyrinth in my head, but alas... not everyone is quite as....sticky as y'all. (for lack of a more diplomatic term) So I appreciate you regulars all the more. I'll have to drum up more excitement in the months to come. It really is starting fresh (so that's ok) fresh is always good... ahhhh.....MINTY!

Very wordy and picturey today? eh? yes I am. I want to go to Canada. (sorry, sudden violent urges again)

Here's my breakfast (that I didn't eat until 12:30) next to my new portfolio holder thing - and it matches my hat and I got it for $5! AND... at the SAME garage sale, I got a FREE leather jacket that ALSO matches this thing and my hat - now all I need is boots, and I'll be all TOE down for the next HOE DOWN! In other words, when I go shoot some country bands, I'll be dressed to blend (sorta - snort) I do the country scene purty good, YO! hahaha Having been raised around horses, cowboys and whiskey. hahaha (you think I'm kidding? SO NOT)
(probably explains why I am a rocker - lol) but I still love horses, rodeos and cowboys! Whiskey? - not so much - I'm a brandy girl.

So I have a question...? Ford or Chevy?
(trucks, that is)

Just curious - I'll tell you my pref in the comments later - "Wha ha", said J.W.

OH DUH - I forgot to put in the sad bit of knit, along with my awesome new phone and cool pink leather carrying case - thank YOU tax return!


Patty said...

Alright, those pics of spring ALREADY started is a little cruel to the Canadians. 2 cm of the white stuff expected today...

GREAT portfolio case!

Renee said...

Come to Canada! It's nice here!

I love your portfolio cover.

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Flowers already?!!! Lucky you! We just got half a foot of snow few days ago! LOL

You sure have the Green Thumb! Come to landscape my yard when you get a chance, eh? ;-)

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Your photos are great! So, I got my answer, you did went into photo biz! YAY!!!

BTW, thanks for the "sweet Isa" in your blogroll... YOU are so sweet! :-)

Luv'ya! Mwah! ;-)

trek said...

My goodness - a torrent of images and words!

Wish we had things flowering here already.

Momo said...

wow, photolicious! Nice ones, too! But I am looking at your flowers and looking outside at my snow!!!! Doh! Go away!

I love the gracefulness of avacados. I hope that someday I will get one to sprout, too.

You're making me jealous of your phone!

lobstah said...

Your flower pictures make me so happy! We are still in the deep freeze here :(

AmyP said...

Wow - that's a lot of stuff for one blog post. How about nice "stuff" and then you can fill in photos, plants, knitting, where you like?!

Rebekah said...

Oh now after looking at your pictures I'm very ready for spring, we are just starting to see the signs of buds and flowers. I'm very ready for spring.

I love that portfolio thingy, that is awesome!