Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rock on, OH my Soul

Hey kids...

nyah, I won't GO that far - I don't know what in the heck they say there anyway - kuukachooo? whatever. I have an odd propensity for misunderstanding lyrics. Really great for an aspiring singer, right. Yeah, best to write my own stuff. At least I'm not mumbling while I write and I think most people will understand me when I speak, since I'm from nowhere specific and everywhere at the same time. My accent doesn't really fit anywhere and I can TEXAN it UP or Yankee it down. So, whatever. What am I TALKING ABOUT? shut up

K! =)*)

Public Service Announcement
*****I can't stop talking today - ok you've been warned*****

So. I finally knit 2 things! TWO WHOLE tiny FO's! Which I did not photo (bad photographer, BAD!) but, when they get to the place they're headed, you can see them there. HEY! FREAK OUT! I just realized that I completed my March Madness project with time to spare! Shocking. I knit something with a deadline (2 actual deadlines, but one was graciously extended a bit) and I did it. I don't like deadlines attached to knitting. I don't enjoy deadlines at all, for the most part, but I understand why they exist in theory. =) snort

I have a question, and I am going to steal a word that's just so perfect from our ultimate knitting Borg Queen the Yarn Harlot. That word being 'muggle' and or 'muggles'. Not a word meant disparagingly, just descriptive, even affectionate at times, because we all love our muggles.

So the question.

Why is that some muggles try to insist that we sell our knitting? Seriously. I very recently had that conversation again.

Muggle: "Oh you could really make a lot of money with your knitting."
Me: "Um.... I never want to knit for money, it would take the fun out of it."
Muggle: "Oh, believe me! When you start making money with it, it gets fun."
Me: "Well, knitting is my recreation. I do it to relax and calm my nerves. I don't like knitting with deadlines or any of the stuff that comes with it."
Muggle: "You don't have to have deadlines."
Me: "I'm not in love with money enough to turn my relaxation time into a job."
Muggle: tries to argue more and only gets mouth barely open
Me: "I DON'T WANT TO, AND I'M NOT GONNA DO IT!!" (thinking in my head - good grief, I think I already said no a MILLION TIMES, take a freaking hint!)
Muggle: startled "OK, I won't make you."
Me: growling slightly "Yeah, I KNOW." (thinking - as IF you COULD make me... whatEVER! try you feel lucky?)

What the heck? right? HELLO!? I don't understand that mentality at all. I obviously have no issues with anyone knitting for money, that's not the point. I just personally know I would take no pleasure in it and it would stress me out. I know me... it's true. Knitting for me is calming and I need some calming (CLEARLY) and I don't want to turn my rare bits of solace into some sort of machine for material gain.

Issue two I have with this conversation? I don't normally say "NO" just on the fly. Everyone who knows me, KNOWS ME. Asking me why I've said "NO" is fine, but why would a person who knows me, try to PUSH me on an issue I have clearly already considered and rejected? Why do some people push? (and this has nothing to do with muggles, it's just a side point, because, like I said, I love lots of muggles, they're cute) The relentless pushing, though, what is that? I don't like it. Furthermore, I am not in need of being pushed, I push myself PLENTY, I don't need help with that crap. Shockingly, I have actually explained in great detail this point to the aforementioned pusher of "no's" spoken. I guess there are lots of people that really never get lots of things.

SO.....I have quit the job of educator of the "Non Get It's" Just so you know. It's a thankless and never ending quest, like a bottomless pit of despair. Sounds depressing, right? I'm not depressed. I quit that particular job a few months ago. I'm laughing about it now, because the "Non Get It's" are wandering around confused and it's funny. Yes, you got it. There are a disproportionate number of NGI's around here and they all call me for attention. I love quitting jobs. Thinking is good, some people should really try it.


I love life! yaaaay

(and they, NGI's, all scratch their heads and wonder........... forever)

Happy ranting, oxymoronic - yes, but hey, my mom should not have named someone born in JUNE - April. She had to know it was going to complicate matters.

Hi, what's your name? April, what's your's? Oh, I'm SoAndSo. April... that's a pretty name, were you born in April? Thanks, and no I wasn't. When were you born? June. Why didn't they name you June? Probably b/c my mom already had a June in her family, I don't know, though, maybe she likes trauma. Hmmm weird. Yeah, weird. So..... now what do we talk about? I don't know, but I'm hungry, =)*) see ya!

I think I have changed my mind about which yarn I'm going to use for my first Fair Isle project. Since I want to do the hard core Fair Isle right away and get the freaky steek phobia dealt with ASAP, I am going to use yarn that fulls easily. Scroll down to the buffy blue, gorgeous grey and lovely lilac. That stuff is a sort of nameless fiber out of a Navajo reservation in New Mexico? or Arizona? gyah I should really know that. It's a very nice knit. My two recent FO's were taken from one partial skein of the gorgeous grey. (Not in the photo, b/c I had already started knitting with it) So I may have to go back and get more of the grey for my project, whatever it is. Maybe not. I think I'll do a V-neck vest thing with some sort of Fair Isle panel? is that right? That strip thing across the chest. (ah MAN, could I BE less prepared to talk about this?) Well, whatever it turns out to be, it will at least be attempting to be cool....yet.... warm, at the same time. At the rate I'm going, I should be done with it by the time it gets cold again, in 2009. (since Winter only shows up in El Nino years. Maybe in La Nina years, too. I'll keep you posted.) every keyboard should have an enya - or however you spell it, the n with the squiggly thing over it that says "NYA" for El NINYO - phonetically, El NINYA - dang it. Especially in Texas and California and all those places that used to BE Mexico. I like speaking Spanish, and ONE day I'll speak French and Italian if I have my way and THEN you'll ALL BE SORRY. or happy? =)*) or maybe just confused, like now. It's okay, honey, my cuzin bubba has the same problem. (hey, I just quoted myself - cool) email me for more information on that if you don't know the answer already.

Now to start imagining and looking at patterns. yaay!!!!

Perhaps.....something along the lines of Eunny's Deep V but not quite SO deep, b/c ummmm....... well it doesn't have to be that deep to LOOK that deep on me. LOL &, of course, not Argyle because, C'MON, who are we fooling? I'm not tackling THAT much busy on my first try. (even tho it sound's like something I would do.....hmmmm) So I'll be looking through my motif book for something cool that I can plaster on a simple vest pattern. (or some such conflagration) yes I know what that means, thanks for asking.

Any V-Neck vest patterns including steeks - suggestions? Like any of you are bored enough to read through that long rambling and scattery post - even though you totally should because it's..... aaahh funny? yeah, funny! that's it - ha ha ha?

Is it just me, or is the standard dictionary for these browser things very unknitterly? It's an electronic muggle! And why isn't "LOL" included in ALL the browser dictionaries by now? Just curious. I've added so many terms to mine because I hate it when it tells me I misspelled something it just doesn't recognize as a word because it's still ignorant. (hahaha I just misspelled 'misspelled'! hahahahaha - I think I did it in a letter recently, too, and that's just sad!) shut up!

okay! =)*) (this particular browser doesn't even know 'OKAY'! huh?)

dangit - one more thing

I put several posts, from my dearly nearly departed blog Coffee Crazy Knitters, BACK on the newer bluer Coffee Crazy Knitters

I'm glad I have that stuff at least. I need to look for more, just because, but I may not. (still lots of irons, as per usual)


Anonymous said...


AmyP said...

No idea what you mean. About being talkative. None whatsoever. Not at all.
But well done on completing the March Madness thingy. I'm still hoping I'll make it! :)

Rebekah said...

Dang girl, I feel like I was just on a roller coaster :-)

You know what I do when someone starts going on that I should sell my knitting. I break the costs down for them (I recently did this for a girlfriend of mine who didn't understand why making a blanket was more cost effective becaues of the amount of time the baby would use it compared to making a sweater they may only wear a few months).

Anyway, I tell them well wool and/or quality yarn is expensive, and even lower quality yarn is pricey. To make an adult sweater it would cost me anywhere from $50.00 to $200.00 for materials alone. Then we add in the cost of my time, it takes anywhere from 160-320 hours to knit a sweater, even if I only charged $2.00 an hour which is far below minimum wage, and charged them for 250 hours, that's at least a $600.00 sweater, do you know anyone who would pay me $600.00 for a sweater.

That often shuts them up.

Although it depends on the muggle. (which I hae no idea what that means by the way)

Susan said...

I'm tired now. You have a good day.