Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blogging is Beautiful

Ya know... I love this stuff. It is SO very nice to have a safe place to just.... what is it we do here? oh yeah, SHARE. Just like they taught us (those of us who are fortunate enough to have PBS) on Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers and the Electric Company and ZOOM and well, you get the idea.

Thanks to all of you, too, for still listening and caring, whether you comment or not.

I feel the call of the socks..... hallooooooooo

BTW! My guitar lesson yesterday - whatever week this is... like 4 or 5.... was SO awesome. Something clicked last night and I got something I'd been missing - Something about how a true chord progression pulls naturally from one root to a 7th harmonic - some such thing of that nature and I was like, "ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh my gyah - I think I understand" - well whether I have the detail of it down or not, that tiny bit of info made a WORLD of difference and I have a whole new grasp or something. It was that missing piece of WHY that I needed. Because we all know I need to have SOME answers as to how things work. MY TEACHER ROCKS!!!!! (hi teacher) just in case he looks here, cuz I told him about my geekyness and blogging. hahahaha - I want to go into so much detail here, but I'm staying less hyper about it, for your sake, Susan. I'm desperately seeking Susan. pahahaha - ok SORRY, I couldn't control it all the way.

oh, side point.... it's another Canadian Connection - can I share that? My teacher, the one that rocks, spent some few years in Toronto in school somewhere (since I have no permission to talk about him for real... I'm being all... clandestine... hahahaha) What is my DEAL with Toronto? I must go there or something, b/c all my music people are THERE! My fav composer guy, my fav guitar podcast guy, and now my fav music teacher either have or do live in Toronto, or very near there, whatever. (for the one person who is all, it's NOT Toronto it's... Missi.....that place I can't spell yet.)

what's up with that?

and where is my melody guy? huh? hellloooo because I have SO MANY LYRICS!! ACK - he's not in Toronto, but I don't know where he is! ***sob*** Oh melody man, where for art thou, melody man? hahaha - ahem sry melody man, don't freak out plzzzzzzz


OH CANADA!!! Stop calling me SO loud because I can't drive that far for at least..... um.... well until Summer or something. Any good beaches in Toronto? Because I promised my youngest that I'd take him to the beach very soon. (dumb question, that's what the internet is for)

Still looking for suggestions on a simple v-neck waist coat (lol) with a steek and a simplish Fair Isle motif, too. I'll look it up, too, and I may make up my own pattern if I can't find one (and do we really want that? My threats are so weird)

Ok, LADEEEE, I love ya bye bye!

Nova Scotia, perhaps?


Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

I thought about you last weekend when I drove up to North of Maine! I exit at the last exit before.............CANADA!!! YAY!!! I could see the mountains! LOL

PS: you are going to need your coat to go to the beach in Toronto... he he he [kidding]

Now, what do you think of that coat? Since your blog doesn't allow HTML, here it is the good old way...

It does not have a fairisle motif but you might like the neckline... I find it pretty cool. I purchased the pattern a while ago, and I am waiting to have more time to make it... I so love it! :-)

Now, no advertisement intended, OK? ;-P I got a recent trauma with the ad issue... LOL

Momo said...

Awesome! Epiphanies rock.

You know, I don't feel like my blog space is really safe. It's been held against me before and that's one of th reasons mine has become more bland. I wish it were really safe.