Monday, March 5, 2007

Ring in the March....

Ring in the Madness!

My dear British Twin Amy of Dyed in the Wool is having a March Madness Challenge. So I'm ALL in. As you all know, I've been having a bit of knitting stagnation going on because of the art thing going on with me. That's how we artists work I guess - scattery? I can't really speak for any other artsy soul, only myself, so I should say... that's how I work, scattery. The stuff clicking in the brain is clicking so fast that I have to scramble to get at least the idea of what's going on jotted down in the trusty journal or it's lost, sometimes never to return.

See.... I normally do one knit at a time, three projects going at once speaks to my inability to focus on knitting! Two are mindless the other is going to take concentration. YET...

......concentrating on one thing to the exclusion of all other things doesn't always work out. (mostly never works) It might work if I was back on the beach in Roatan all by myself with only yarn and needles, but then wouldn't I get sand in my yarn? I dunno. So here I am at home, about to pop in the ear phones to listen to my favorite podcast while trying to read my cable chart and start (in earnest) knitting...... drumroll please.......

My Means for Motivation March Madness Multicolored Monstrously Measured Mark

lost? I have to knit this square, and I want to do it fast. =)*) It's big and cabled, two colors of yarn and it's special.

My other dear younger sister Rebekah from Knit Knack is putting together a Blanket of Hope for someone she knows that is going through a hard time. So naturally I must knit a square for it. Knowing my stagKNITion that's been going on though, I knew better than to do more than one, but then Mrs. A-Type took over and made said square into something more than garter stitch. (I can't help it, it has to be ARTSY or I can't do it..... ****cry****) So now it IS a challenge but I need to get it DONE.

The longest way I could have told this story, right? I'll probably post a pattern for it too, eventually. At least the cable chart is done! That'll be available for anyone who wants it, of course.

So here's some entertainment for you.

My scattery, yet somewhat organized work station.

Everything in reach.

I didn't include the whole picture, b/c I need to clean the kitchen and that's the back drop for the rest of it. The little bedside drawer thing I put next to my reclining piece of the sectional couch.

Next to the tiny entertainment center that I use as a desk that is too high to type from the couch unless I sit on the arm rest or stand on my knees. Yes, I'm weird, but I like me this way. =)*)

don't suppress your weirdness, it's just your art trying to express itself



Samantha said...

I'm scattery too ... in some ways more than others.

I mailed in a square to Rebekah last week. I hope she gets it soon.

Um, I was going to write something else, but my brain has left the building ... thinking ... thinking ... Darn, I can't remember. When I do I'll get back. *lol*

JustApril said...

heee heeeeeee

blame the ocytossin

trek said...

Way to go on the square.

Shannon said...

A messy workspace means lots is going on!!!

AmyP said...

So working on more than one thing at once is really your challenge for March!

Rebekah said...

See if I was artistic I think I'd have the same problem. My sister is very artsy fartsy (as I like to call her) and she doesn't stick to knitting fr very long then gets side-tracked, then goes back. I think it's just you in artsy fartsy people's nature. And that's okay! We need artsy fartsy people!

Younger. Really. I figured we were about the same age. I'll be 34 in a few weeks.