Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, I did it. I forced myself to start a project. I cast on 57 stitches of a slubby cotton yarn on size 10 circular needles, joined in the round by knitting the two end stitches together and started knitting.

The yarn I'm using is called Cotton Candy by Feza, it's a natural off white or cream color. What am I making? It's another scarf, but knit in a tube. I wanted to do something simple and I wanted stockinette stitch for it, but I didn't want the rolling or the purling, so in the round it is. I've only done a few rounds, but the nature of the yarn, from very thin to very thick, makes for a very interesting texture in stockinette. Almost lacy and looks almost ruffly.

Whatever the case is, it feels good to be knitting. I was just sitting here thinking, I need to vacuum and do the dishes and I need a shower.... and thinking I really don't want to move from this spot, and I'm not sleepy enough to take a nap. SO.... casting on was the answer and it feels nice.

So I'll eventually have a pretty Summery scarf, maybe I can have it done in a few days to wear to my Convention that starts on Friday. Is that too much pressure? We'll see. I'm sure it will help, knitting almost always helps, especially knitting in the round (for me). I probably would have started sooner, but I couldn't think of what to start. So YAAY.

It's been raining here for weeks! I know that was random, but it just started raining again. You know, as much as I don't enjoy the intense heat, and I love the rain, it's just that cloudy thing that sort of gets in your brain. The chemical thing that happens with lack of sun. The Canadians know, right? =) S.A.D.D. It has been a very unusual Summer so far. At least I don't have to water the lawn yet. Some of the areas not too far from here though, have had serious rain. One area in Central Texas got 18 inches of rain between midnight and morning last night. YIKES! Hopefully nothing like that will happen around here, I'm not sure any neighborhood could deal with that much water at once. How sad is this? I'm blogging about the weather, well, I better get back to knitting before I bore you to tears. =0)


May said...

I too started a simple in-the-round stockinette number in a really cool thin & thin yarn. Sometimes you just need to zone out with interesting textured yarn and k, k, k, k your day away!

midgeling said...

Awww, April. You sound a bit perkier. I am glad. I hope things start picking up for you. I know how the long periods of funk go

AmyP said...

Great start to the scarf - the yarn texture looks really interesting.
The rain seems to have decided it really likes it around here too! We've had floods and everything (not me, I live on a hill!).

Donna said...

It is great to feel the fiber isn't it?? It really is theraputic!I love just going into a yarn store and petting away at all the pretty skeins! Working with a texurted yarn just makes the project even more fun!

Rebekah said...

It'll be lovely for the convention! Ours isn't until August 10, I'm hoping to have one of my shawls done by then for it.