Sunday, June 17, 2007

Still Not Knitting

Sorry I have no knitting to show you, but one of these days I'll get up the nerve to model the Hearts Vest. My current funk got worse then better then leveled off to somewhere above depressed but not quite to feeling good. I think I need a real vacation that doesn't end in spinning out. Like a nice one with a happy ending, is that so much to ask? I don't think it is. Maybe soonish.

So what I have to show you has nothing to do with knitting or the above subject, but it relates to something you've seen before.

Remember the succulent rosette things I have? Well, the real name for them is Hen and Chicks, which I thought was a spectacularly weird thing to call a plant that looks like a cactus rose, like why in the world would it be named Hen and Chicks? It looks nothing like chickens. So I wondered about that a few days and shrugged it off. Well.....ask and you shall receive, check this out!

Just like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, this plant grows it's babies under it's petals. Maybe I don't suck at growing these! How cool is that? I wonder if the babies come off? Sometimes those types of things will have little roots and you can just plant them. Whatever the case is, I think it's cool.

Another of my cacti has babies, too, it must be the year for it. See the little Aloe Vera babies? My brother said that after it makes babies then it blooms about a year or two later. That'll be cool to see, I've never seen an Aloe Vera bloom before.

And last, but not least: ART from my DD who is now 6, this is a portrait of me sitting in my chair watching TV in media of spaghetti.

I think it looks like me.

Well when DS who is now 3 saw hers, he of course had to make one as well. This is his self portrait, as he said in his husky little voice, "Me, no legs, hehehehe" and then he ate it and there was interesting narration during that process. "Ha ha, Mamma, me no arms, ha ha, Mamma, me no mouth....etc all the way to "Ha ha Mamma, me no head"

Kids. Always good for a smile.


midgeling said...

I really hope you feel better soon. I know how the depression thing goes - all too well. I love the Hens and Chicks. I have a soft spot for succulent plants, though here in WA, I tend to kill them a lot. They like warmer weather and I am bad at keeping the house at a decent winter temp, lol. The spaghetti art is great!

Just get better and take care of yourself. {{hug}}

AmyP said...

It's good that you're taking pleasure in things - both big (your children) and small (your plants).
Anything that helps raise your head up from your chest every now and then is good (thus speaks a perpetual navel-gazer!)
And I'm glad my "flarms" quip made you laugh - it's all part of the service! :)