Thursday, June 7, 2007

Distractions Work, Right?

To take your attention away from the sheer magnitude of the non-knitting due to being a bit down in the dumps, I give you sky pics. Yeah, more of those, but these clouds were way cool.


AmyP said...

Huh - knitting? What's that? Nice clouds!

midgeling said...

Lovely clouds! I am sending happy wishes your way. {hug}

Susan said...


I want to lie in a hammock and watch them move.

P.S. Knitting's overrated anyway.

Jeanie said...

Neat clouds but why are you down? Yes, I'm sending happy vibes your way too as well as a virtual hug {{{}}}

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

WOW!!! Spectacular photos! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Mine sure look very humble compare to yours... LOL

I would spend my days with my nose up, if I had such beautiful skies above... LOL

BTW, check my blog... You are TAGGED! A different kind though... :-)

Positive waves and {{{HUGS}}}
I have missed you...