Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another FO?

Can you believe it? Two FO's in two weeks? I finished my socks! yaay I can't find the yarn band at the moment, but it's a cotton/bamboo self striping stuff that is very squishy.

I even started another pair. Sorry for the horrible photography, but it's nearly 10PM here, so the artificial light leaves something to be desired. At least the background is in focus. =)

this yarn is Cascade cotton with elastic
very squishy, but I have difficulty using yarn with elastic
too tight a knitter, so I have to loosen up

I start school on Monday, I can barely believe it. I've been spoiling myself by sleeping in this last week. Well, I was a bit sickly last weekend, and I think it made me overtired. So I did need the extra sleep. Starting Monday, though, I'll have to be up and at 'em early. It's going to be a big change in my routine. If I think about it though, when I was in out patient therapy last year, I did pretty well with a similar routine. I think I can do it. I mean, I KNOW I can do it! I can, I can do the can can. (well sometimes, my ankle is still a bit not right, and probably will be for some time)

I'm glad it's a pretty easy schedule, I'll be in school less time per day than my kids. Of course I'll be studying like... uh.... someone who studies a lot. (don't like using the words crazy or mad anymore, for obvious reasons)

Oh, we had the edge of Hurricane Ike today, nothing damaging, just clouds and rain. So glad I mowed yesterday, though, the rain we've had is really making everything grow in leaps and bounds. The cantaloupes are much bigger and the watermelons, too. The one tiny one is already getting big. It's wild.

Well, I think I'll throw a load of clothes in the washer and turn in. I hope. I'm sleeping downstairs these days, so getting certain people to go away from there can be a challenge. Such a weird situation. Oh well... that's the freaky life I lead at the moment. ta ta for now, my lovelies =)


Anonymous said...

Cute socks - I'm glad you finished them (and started another pair!)

Best of luck with your studies - get those fingers warmed up! :D

Emma of Flitwick said...

I love the socks! Good luck with school. I am taking online courses and it is a challenge!

Patty said...

Congrats on the socks! I still only have half of the very first one I cast on after my first, finished pair. Sigh. You rock!

And, good luck tomorrow! I'm sending you positive thoughts. Note: you will be exhausted this week and for the next month until you get used to the schedule. Be prepared for this: it's totally normal.

This Elf Knits said...

Cute socks! Good luck with school :) Sometimes I wish to go back, be a perpetual student LOL