Monday, September 8, 2008

Fern Lace Stole - FO

I can scarcely believe it myself, but last night I finished the Fern Lace Stole! yaay! I think next time I block it, I'll block it more in the length than the width, as I did this time. But it shows off the lace work very well this way - which is the main reason I blocked it as I did. (is that dumb? lol) I also am including some shots of a strange little plant the birds brought me. And another Colin Firth pic. I'm working my way through all my Colin movies and will be sharing pics, just because =) Oh yeah, I'll model the stole tomorrow or the next day. I think I could use it as a table cloth, though. I may need to re-block it to model it right. Not sure. We shall see, we shall see.

yucky flash, but shows the leaf stuff better

foot for scale =)
65 inches long
36 inches wide

yaay for blocking wires!

the remains of the yarn

interesting flower

looks like green beans

even the leaves are different

Hello Mr. Darcy, you find me all alone.
Mrs. Collins and Maria are out
running errands or something boring like that
shall we chat? (would that work with Mr. Darcy?)
I think my connections and status are worse than Elizabeth's
oh well

OH yeah, I forgot to tell y'all (or did I?) - I enrolled in Massage Therapy training and start on September 15th! It lasts until the beginning of May, only 8 months, so it's pretty cool. Can't wait to dig in. I love learning new junk! (well, I just love learning) Anyone want to be a guinea pig? lol I'm totally jazzed. Wonder if they'll let me knit in class?


Heidi said...

*Gasp* So pretty! And here I had no idea you were a'lace knitting...

I'll get to work on those biscuits; I'm longing to knit another pair of socks, soon-ish.

For some strange reason I couldn't embed the actual slideshow in the post, curse photobucket. :/

trek said...

Lovely stole!

I would so love to be your guinea pig for massage class. Will you make house calls ;o)

Chris said...

Love that stole. And sure-I'd love to be a guinea pig. It's just a short piece to your house right. Best of luck in school.

Geek Knitter said...

Blocking wires, I MUST get some blocking wires!

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Massage therapy? Can you come over to my place - my legs are killing me!
Lovely stole - where's the pattern from?

Patty said...

Congrats, congrats, CONGRATS! That is a huge accomplishment! I bow to your superior lace knitting abilities!

And congrats on the course too. Can't wait to hear all about going back to school!

Robin said...

Your stole is beautiful, where did the pattern come from? Love it!

Dreams of Yarn said...

Hey the stole looks GREAT!!

Emma of Flitwick said...

That is a breathtaking stole. you should be very proud of that accomplishment!