Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Motley Post

How my kids look when they AREN'T fighting

Proof that I am a closet farmer girl

Well, not so much in the closet as stifled
since I've been in the city

and away from my home town where
we had an awesome garden

This garden is a little sad by comparison
those are centimeters not inches btw

But it's about the best I can do
under these circumstances
those are inches

The soil here takes lots of work
before it will grow anything but weeds

Which means digging and hoeing and
using humus and cow poo
and seriously? Look at the tiny little patch
can you see the hanging cantaloupe?

And don't you love it when your
next door neighbor's flowers invade your yard
and make it prettier?

I do, however enjoy being the mysterious
farmer girl next door
even if this is the wrong side of the stole
because I wasn't paying attention

Having this Stole really adds to my mysteriousness
if you are rolling on the floor laughing
then you know how ridiculous that idea is

And this proves my daughter takes good
pictures, even if she is only 7

and she's good at swinging from the rafters
even though we don't have rafters


Kathy said...

Good for you and your garden. Soil is so different and so difficult in some areas. I love your hanging fruit! and your sweet hanging photographer. What a shawl. You rock with lace!

Dreams of Yarn said...

I think the 'mysterious' photo of you with the lace stole wrapped around you should be your new profile photo everywhere!!! so much fun. Good for you for growing things, even in the city LOL and good to see you looking happier :)

Geek Knitter said...

One of the joys of gardening, at least for me, is the hard work. I've got a neighbor on one side with an entire wall of jasmine which peaks over my fence to visit with MY jasmine. Nicest smelling corner on the planet, I swear!

You look lovely!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a great post! I love those photos. You did a great job on the stole (and the kids and the vegetables, too).

Chris said...

Great kids, Great garden, and great stole!! 4 more days till school starts. Best of luck.

Rebekah said...

Hey April, I've finally come out of my work coma and have some time to blog once again. And read blogs for that matter. How has your summer been, your veggies look wonderful. We have been fortunate to get a few tomatoes off of our plants, but we had such a wet spring we didn't get anything else planted.

Your shawl is beautiful!

Well I'd best get some knitting done this evening. Take Care. Oh I'm starting a new blog, it will be much more subdued then Knit Knack. But at least it'll be a place to keep track of my projects and keep in touch with people a bit.

Patty said...

LOVE, the shawl, April. The garden looks great! And you're looking particularly gorgeous these days too. Not hard to tell where your daughter gets her looks from ;)!

lobstah said...

The stole came out amazing!