Monday, September 22, 2008

Socks and School

First, the socks. I did a bit of knitting on Saturday to decompress from being exhausted after the first week of school. I've started the heel flap which is some variation of a garter stitch heel. I really wasn't in the mood for purling. - really - just - couldn't - do - it - ack You can sorta see the beginning of it here:
What I'm doing is the slip 1 purlwise, knit 1 to the end on both the right side and wrong side. I'm trying to bring the heel in a decent amount, because they are going to be a bit on the big side. I guess I should have done a swatch or something. I don't think I've had the presence of mind for swatching though. I just need to knit and the more mindless the better, yes?

Here the socks are posing with the evermore maturing hanging cantaloupe. I love the squiggly lines on them. It was cool when they were mostly smooth, and there was just the beginning of the squiggly lines.

Either I've been knitting too long (not likely) or it's been a long time since I grew any fruit, but don't the squiggles resemble random cables? They duck in and out of each other, behind and front, and squiggle on all rambly. I think I want to do a freaky random cable thing someday in tribute to a cantaloupe.

I forgot, there is bad news on the watermelon front. Both the melons on the ground have developed some sort of black moldy rot thing. Too wet I guess during the hurricane spin off stuff. Too bad. It's really gross, eh?

Yeah, VERY gross EW!

I think this watermelon has a chance of not getting that yucky stuff, since it's hanging. It probably won't get hot enough again to let them ripen very well. But then again, we are supposed to get 90's this week. (what is that, upper 30's gaining on 40 ish for centigrade? I need to get that better in my head one of these days)

Ah... more squiggles on cantaloupe number three. This is the biggest one, I think. Wonder when they are ready to pick? Better get that right at least or I'll be OH so sad! =) I may do a bigger patch earlier next year with hay or something for the poor watermelons. We'll see.

And yes, the flowers that invaded from next door again. I should really say migrated or immigrated or something more flattering. They aren't unwelcome alien plant invaders or anything. They sure are pretty though. I wish I could get the actual color right. It's sort of a dark lilac color.

I tried putting it with the sock to see if it would effect a color change. It did a little, but it's still not really purple enough.

So, now the school update. I did okay for Wednesday and Thursday, but Friday... WHOA! I was SO out of it by the time I got home, I just had to go to sleep. And SLEEP I did! I felt some better after that, but I had been attacked by the ragweed, because my regular regimen of green tea and local honey got interrupted, because of the routine change. By Sunday, I woke up really rotten feeling and migrainy, which was yuck, and I couldn't sleep like I wanted to, for obvious 3 children reasons.

Today, Monday, however, I woke refreshed and ready to go. Much better. Hopefully it'll last me until Friday. I'm getting to bed much earlier, thank goodness. I got 95% and 100% on my first two quizzes. yaay me! =) Tomorrow's quiz, though, yikes, gotta go study! Oh yeah, I've been dreaming about the course content! Like studying in my sleep! How weird is that? I think it actually helped though. lol


Geek Knitter said...

I was a history major in college. I remember a particularly horrific dream I had about The Terror during the French Revolution... got an A on the test.

Dreams of Yarn said...

Oh awesome, I'd love to see a squiggly cantelope tribute sock pattern or something HAHAHAHAHA