Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hearty Fair Isle FO

Here she is, my very first Fair Isle FO! Can I just say one thing? Thank God for Starbucks! I love Starbucks and the Venti Vanilla Latte and the Venti French Vanilla Capuccino
Between Excedrine Migraine and Starbucks I had the ability to finish this thing. Yeah you guessed it, another one of those pesky headaches. They've been a lot less frequent lately, something about not stressing so much about life in general. However, one gut wrenching therapy session getting down to the nitty gritty and bang, a thousand tears later and a migraine. yaay

Anyway, enough of that. I arrived one hour early to my session and knit one of the two sleeve edgings

I had already done the other.

I knit the part that goes around the neck today, then tore it out because I couldn't get my head in. I'll say this for this Navajo yarn, it fulls fast.

It doesn't take to tearing out very kindly AT all. That's cool with me, because I don't love tearing out so much either.

So no neck edging, but I don't care. I'm DONE. It looks cute on, too, but I'll share that another day when I don't have a monstrous reason not to take a pic of myself on my chin. seriously monstrous

After I was done with the vest, back to the flower garden to check on things.

Lavender roses are just... so cool.

Oh yeah, it REALLY rained today, so that's actually got water in it.

These things are cool, too, some sort of rosett succulent. I stink at taking care of them, but they seem to like it outside.

(they're pretty much screwed come Winter because I'll have to bring them in and they really don't like it indoors)

Sure are pretty though, look close for the rain blobs. (too big for rain drops)

Then we played outside for the rest of the evening. Running. Making chalk drawings, which I really should have photo'd too, but... maybe the day I model my vest?

It was nice. For a day that started in pain and still crying it ended very nicely. Smiling and playing with the kids. What would we do without our kiddos?


shannon said...

Well your vest looks amazing! all that hard work was definately worth it! MODEL PICS!!!
Do you what the name of that cacuts like flower is? its very lovely I'd like to look it up... Keep knitting and be well my friend.

Shannon said...

Gee, there weren't any spelling errors in the above post were there? I meant to say... Do you know what the name of that cactus like flower is? LOL sorry about that.

may said...

gut wrenching cry fests always leave me with killer migraines! But I seem to feel better after it's all over.

It is lovely!! I really love the colors you chose too :)

Pixiepurls said...

oh it's so cute, are you going to take pics of you wearing it??

midgeling said...

Congrats on the FO! It looks really nice. Hugs to you about the migraines. I have been having way too many of those lately myself.

Anonymous said...

The vest looks absolutely fabulous! You did a great job.

And those flower pictures are unbelieveable. I love the lavender rose, and I've never see those succulants before. They are fabulous.

Rebekah said...

sorry the annoymous was accidentally by me.

AmyP said...

Really great job on the vest. I love the two blues in the hearts.
And picture of your kids is adorable!

lobstah said...

April, I just love the vest! The color choice is just fantastic. Can't wait to see some modeled photos!

juliet said...

The vest is just stunning - I adore the subtle background and the way it makes the blues sing - just lovely, I am so impressed. Your soggy rose reminds me of my childhood and how I assumed roses drank throught their flowers and I used to give the roses in our garden, a drink when it got hot by tipping anything I could get my tiny mitts on into the flowers - water, lemonade, milk, orange cordial.... hmmmm. Not recommended.

Kaity said...

Ooh that's very cute! I love the hearts.

Renee said...

The vest is lovely.

Starbucks...mmmm. Ever try the venti toffee nut latte. To. Die. For.