Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's WINDsday

It's a very blustery day TOday. I halfway expect to see Piglet blow by with Pooh in pursuit. (I think it's nice to be a Windsday on a Wednesday) I hope Owl's tree is nowhere near here.

I haven't knit in 3 days, the migraine was a real doozy. On Monday I took 2 Excedrin M's in the morning and my head got WORSE. Which really means I would have been moaning and crying if I hadn't taken the Excedrin. I took 2 more a full 14 hours too early, which puts it at early evening on Monday. (since you are only directed to take 2 for every 24 hours) After that the headache was JUST bearable for the remainder of the evening. It had to be. Because DH had rented Transformers and I was supposed to watch it. (hahaha) I liked it, btw. I really like that Shia kid, he's a cutie =) I'm SURE he'd protest the 'kid' thing, but, that's ok. He'll call himself a kid when he looks back from the perspective I have at 38. (when DOES that change happen, I really should have written it down when I noticed that High School graduates started looking like babies to me - instead of peers) wow this paragraph is so incongruent

So this is the update on my next pair of socks. =) They are going to be a very loud shade of puple in the Knit Picks Peruvian sock stuff. I can't quite recall the NAME of it at the moment, but I'm sure it'll come to me. It's one of the least expensive choices they have, which probably explains why I purchase several skeins. Now, I don't love the colors so much, but DD6yr is a great fan of loud colors (she descended from a very great lover of color in her Cajun Great Grandma who had a pink and green house and painted the inside bright blue, pink, orange and green) So I'm going to attempt loud purple knee highs for DD6. Maybe a twisted rib stitch or something. Who knows? =) I really oughta at least attempt to follow a pattern one of the times. I'm still sorta in the mood for st st, though, it's a good brain medicine. (like sleep)

Well, before I go off on another odd tangent, I think I'll post, spare you my wandering thoughts this time. lol I'll go write them down somewhere else where they don't bother anyone. (wow, that sounded SO much like Eeyore! I'm not down or anything, just feeling excessively rambly)

Hopefully I get started on those socks today. Okay, here I go again, want to know what's REALLY holding me back? I don't know the number of stitches to start with for knee highs for such a tiny person. So I actually have to figure it out instead of just blindly knitting. Since I'm feeling very much like NOT thinking this month, it's an obstacle. I'll get over it, I know. OKAY, so I confessed, and now I feel better. lol


Shannon said...

Sorry 'bout the migraine. I hope you bounce back to full soon. I know sometimes it takes a few days.

Robin said...

Hang in there...hope you feel better soon!

AmyP said...

I have a calculator primed if needed! :)
Sorry about the migraine. My neighbour/friend suffers from those, so I can vaguely appreciate what you're going through.

Anonymous said...

Ick for migrains and such...
Couldn't help but laugh at the blustery day bit though. lol
Oh hey I actually knit something!
First time in forever, but it actually looks somewhat presentable.

On high schoolers...yeah I think of them as kids too, although im the exact same thing...weird.

Chris said...

I am so glad I don't get headaches. When my kids were small I canned some green beans on a really really hot day without a pressure cooker and got a headache that was probably comparable throwing up and wouldn't go away when I laid down. never had one since--don't want one but bad enough to empathise with you you poooooooooooooor thing. Happy knitting now that you are feeling better. You sure do knit fast when you feel well. thanks for your comments on little joey.