Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Down, One Started

Here they are! As you can see by the toe, I had to move on to the second ball of yarn which made things even more interesting.

The second sock is pooling similar yet different. I don't know if my gauge changed or if this part of the skein is just different. It doesn't really matter. They are the same yarn, so they'll match well enough!

I think I could have made the heel flap a bit longer, but it'll do, I'll just remember that for the next pair I cast on.

If I can get these finished in the next few days I could feasibly have 3 or 4 pairs for Socktoberfest. 4 is probably too high of a bar to set, but 3 should be doable. Of course as long as they are STARTED or FINISHED in October, they totally count. So there could be 4 after all. We shall see, my lovelies, we shall see.

I REALLY love the bamboo stuff. It's a little bit heavy, like cotton, but in a good way and it feels SO cool to the touch. I think I'm going to be getting lots of bamboo sock yarn in the future. Hopefully the choices will become more varied at my LYS's. Of course I can always resort to online yarn shopping. I wonder if Knit Picks will ever stock bamboo stuff? (if they don't already, I haven't been in there in SO long - avoiding yarn purchases lately for some reason? OH yeah, because I had stopped knitting for so long - duh)

I've been knitting outside lately b/c the kids are riding their bikes every afternoon. DD6yr old actually needed no help learning to ride a two wheeler. The training wheels were so high off the ground that they only engaged when she started to tip, so she was balancing without them most of the time. When I took them off, she took off first thing, no problem, she could already do it. Color me proud =) We have a light homework night, so I'll be knitting in a few minutes!

OH yeah, I forgot to tell y'all, when I was knitting sock one, I totally forgot to turn the heel and just picked up the stitches and started trucking. I was SEVERAL rounds in when I realized that my sock didn't resemble a sock AT ALL and had to rip back. I just laughed at myself. I can tell I'm in a hurry to get these things knit! I should have taken a pic, but it was dark, and I wanted to carry on knitting, so I didn't do the horrible flash pic thing because they are always awful when I do that.

Anyway, cheer me on, I have a couple balls of some self striping stuff patiently waiting and the Strawberry Swirl that should be off probation soon. (I'm still a little ticked at it for turning out so small last time, but I'm getting over it) I can do it! 4 pairs for Socktoberfest, 4 pairs for Socktoberfest, 4 pairs for Socktoberfest. (are you chanting yet?)


AmyP said...

You're on fire with those socks! The pooling/flashing it's doing is really interesting. Or is that odd? They certainly look unique, anyway!
And well done to your daughter on her bike riding. I was showing off to my dad on my bike when I was about 6 and was really pleased with myself until I lost balance and tipped over into the garden!

Robin said...

Love the for the Non-heel~~"s" happens! I thought I was going to throw my latest pair out the window of the truck as we were coming to the Beach!

Way to go DD6...she has a great sense of balance!

Chris said...

Tell your DD congrats. Love those socks.