Monday, January 21, 2008

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Guess what? I have a babysitter today! AND the offer of one next week for a while. Both completely unsolicited. It never ceases to amaze me how things work. Free will being inherently human, means anyone can believe whatever they want and make their choices accordingly. For me, though, having my prayers answered so many times is proof enough. I never doubted, for the record, but I do enjoy the proof that I'm heard and loved, even though at times I feel unworthy. It's a very humbling experience. Especially since I've had a very bad attitude lately. I haven't let much of it out in here, hopefully, but it's been, well... I'll leave it at that. Sometimes we deserve to have our little bad attitudes, because things are unfair or this or that, but they easily get out of hand and turn to discontent or something of that nature. Not that I've been going around with a rain cloud over my head or anything. I try to keep the spirits up in general. It's a little hard to explain outright, so I'll stop trying for now. Anyway, thanks to those of you who've been wishing me well from a distance, it's still working. (and I'm working on my attitude)

Well, I didn't mean to, but I took a break from my knitting for a couple of days. So weird how sometimes you just count the minutes until you can get back to it, and other times you say, "EH, no thanks, maybe tomorrow." Me thinks I needs more socks. Maybe the Strawberry Swirl has learned it's lesson by now and is ready to be socks? We'll see.

With my time being mine today, I decided to go all out. I went to my favorite health food/grocery type store and loaded up on all sorts of interesting stuff for my little bread making adventure. I got Spelt and Barley and Whole Wheat Pastry Flour and Oat Bran (for the dusting top and bottom) and more yeast. Hopefully I won't wreck too much of it, but I'm pretty sure I'll eat it, even if I do =) I also got some delicious smelling Dead Sea bath salts, and a peach scrub stuff, and a loofah, and some very interesting new teas. Green Tea with Jasmine and some stuff called Honeybush, which smells very nice and a couple others. Green Tea fanatic that I am, have to have at least two cups a day =) The Jasmine stuff is superb. I never liked the Jasmine air fresheners, too strong, for my senses, but this tea is. Well, go get some. The brand is Numi - it's awesome.

OH, I was going to spoil myself even more and buy myself a basketball and go to the park and shoot some hoops, but the ball I wanted was gone. I know I'm being all... picky, or whatever, but it really was TOO cool. It was a very pretty pink. (I KNOW, silly me, but - that's the one I want and I think I'll wait) I've never seen a pink basketball, and I SO should have just snatched it while my heart was thumping, (I KNOW, stop saying that) but I talked myself out of it, or rather, I looked away thinking I was being all silly. OH ME, why dost I deny myself such a simple if vain but innocent pleasure? **snicker** mmmm chocolate

The rambling is starting to annoy me. YES I get on my own nerves, don't worry, it's normal for me. (and I can't escape) NOW I'm going to go take that walk, even if it IS raining.


Chris said...

I am so glad for you that you got a break from your kids. There are times that mos need that- and I believe that the kids need it to. I really hope it helped.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that "someone" is listening to you and you got a babysitter!
The bread looks (looked?) yummy!

Dreams of Yarn said...

whooo hooooooo! time alone !

I love the numi teas. Yummy. Good for you for taking the day to take care of YOU.


micah said...

how did the peach scrub flavored bread come out? :P

Looks good!

Rebekah said...

I understand.

Sounds lik eyou had a good day, and that break looks scrumptious.

Hoe you get your ball soon.