Wednesday, January 2, 2008

OY! Mi Cabeza!

And not as in Loco, but as in OY! Yes, another stupid, dumb, stupid, stupid, dumb, dumb stoooopid migraine. It started Sunday night, when I ate Chinese food that I had requested to be MSG free. (well I guess they forgot - stupid dumb stupid dumb dumb stooopid) So all night Sunday, all day Monday, a break for Monday night and Tuesday, but then, back again full force last night and all day today with a vengeance in spite of taking TWO doses of Excedrine Migraine. I've never taken the doses this close together before, and yet, I am still in ridiculous pain. Typing with only one eye open and screwing up my face quite horrifically.

I had meant to blog this lace progress on Monday or so, but no explanation needed for that, right? And of course I haven't been knitting the last few days, and I may not again until next week.

So far, I'm happy with how it's turning out, the only real problem is going to be a shortage of yarn. I should have known, right? I think I did know, in spite of myself. Maybe I can find this same stuff locally, even though the dye lot will probably be different. At this point, I don't care that much, but that may change.

One other thing, I see now why most lace things have 2 or more lace patterns in them. BOREDOM =) This will be really pretty though, when it's done, and keeping it simple for my first major project is still a good idea. It not even going to need a border, because it's already wavy on the ends and sides. So that's a plus.

I'm sure I'll be starting some other project soon, since I'm already getting tired of taking pictures of this thing. So until then see ya in cyber space.


Robin said...

Sorry about your head...hope you are feeling yourself soon!

Dreams of Yarn said...

Yes sorry about the migraine, I know how painful they can be. The lace is looking truly lovely though!

dyedinthewool said...

Sorry about the migraine, but at least the lace is looking nice.
Oh, and I watched The Princess Bride on TV the other night. Funny! Plus, Mandy Patikin was cute!

kristy said...

ack !!! the dreaded migraine I say more than OY!! but I can't print it here, They are nasty , nasty things, I too love chinese food, I figure if I already have a start of a headache I might as well have a doosey and than I eat chinese. Yes, I know I don't get to enjoy it this way as much.Here is to peaceful, quiet thoughts and plenty of knitting

Heidi said...

Nice, I've been hearing about how awesome your lace project is from everyone, and I'll have to see it in person one of these days!