Saturday, January 19, 2008

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

No, I'm not getting married! Been there, done that 12 years ago =)

In my ongoing search for better titles, I figured that was close enough to true. The couch is old. (That's the back drop for the lace pic) The lace is old AND new, because it's getting old taking pictures of it, and there are two new repeats to report. (I'm really scraping it, aren't I)

I also have a new skill thanks to a borrowed recipe! I can bake bread and it's GOOD =)

I think I could bake bread already, but this bread is different. It takes very little time and effort.

I borrowed (or stole) the idea and link to the recipe from one of the blogs I read, Micah's ReALity Tour, by a fellow knitter and Ravelry person. It's good bread. I need to fiddle around with the temperatures and times, because I don't have a cast iron pot, and what I used doesn't really close that well, so more heat gets in and I got premature browning of the crust. So a little cooler for a bit longer will probably do the trick. It's call No-Knead Bread and it's a really cool concept, you should totally try it!

**Revised!** A more thorough recipe can be found at KnitXcorE's blog. The video seems to leave out a couple of crucial steps.

I'm having issues with the vocabulary today, there are 6 kiddos running around here asking me questions. (Like can I please eat the whole refrigerator? I'm hungry all day. lol) Actually, it's only 5 at the moment, one is over at the back yard neighbor's house. (You know, our back yards are back to back, so they just climb the fence to see each other)

BTW...thanks for all the kind words of support in the comments from my last post, it really helps. I don't want you all to think that I am wallowing in my freakish misery, or anything. Even when I don't realize the date of the anniversary of a traumatic event, it still affects me. Last year, I got seriously ill on the anniversary of a family friend's death. I didn't realize it until a week or two later that the dates were the same. Anyway, since that happened, I've been more aware and on guard when those sort of anniversaries come up.

That being said, I've done very well this week, feeling pretty good. Of course the memories creep in, now and again, but they aren't bothersome. I have plenty of distractions to keep me busy. AND I am drastically close to investing in some basketball equipment so I can work out the rest of my kinks that way. =) Either that, or I'm going to have to join a gym, get a babysitter and learn to play racquetball. I don't see the gym thing being too terribly likely, but it sounds fun.

I feel a rant coming on! hahaha You know, I really enjoy this job of being Mom and all, it's the thing I wanted to be when I grew up. My particular brand of motherhood, however, has put me in a spot, temporarily, anyway. There is hardly any time or opportunity to do things for me. I can still knit, obviously, but, I'd like to go out and take a walk, by myself, without having to arrange an act of God. (babysitter) And, I don't mean to complain, but after being THE babysitter for, pretty much my whole life, (I started being the go-to babysitter around the age of 9) there really isn't anyone for me to call on. Everyone else has their own life and job and whatever, which is really how it's supposed to be, I know, but I find myself looking forward to when I can say that for myself. I find myself ALMOST wishing that the kids were a little older. Which I can't really WISH for because I also want them to stay little and innocent for as long as they can. It's just the same catch 22 that we all find ourselves in from time to time. Of course, I have to say, it's much better than it has been for me, but I'm greedy. lol I want JUST a little more. I want to take a long walk.


micah said...

Just keep baking bread and remember that soon they'll be borrowing and bashing up your car! (I crashed Mom's AND Dad's in two days!)

I scored Rye flour tonight and whole wheat!

Chris said...

Having raised for kids, and having had them in four years--I have been there and done that. Cherish every moment as they fly by so quickly. And I will pray for you a baby sitter. Wish I lived closer.

Renee said...

I find myself in the same mothering fix all the time. I think if I had a good sitter I'd be less freaked out about never having 'me' time.