Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Book Reading Meme

I haven't been a very good meme responder lately. (Sorry, about that peeps) Mainly because I was barely even in a blogging mood for the longest time. This meme, though, is super easy peasy and I am actually reading something, so I can play along.

Page 161 /Sentence 5: "But I am sorry to relate what ensued."

Too bad it wasn't sentence 6, which is a true to form Jane Austen sentence. It says, "All that Mrs Ferrars could say to make him put an end to the engagement, assisted too as you may well suppose by my arguments, and Fanny's entreaties, was of no avail."

Of course they are BOTH Jane Austen sentences, since they are both found on page 161 of Sense and Sensibility, which is the first in the giant book I am reading that contains "The complete novels of Jane Austen" I am actually reading Persuasion, which starts on about page 1227, but doesn't have 161 pages. **sniffles**

As for tags... well, I'm sorta gonna flake on that point, since this is the first meme to which I have responded in over a year. So, if you wish to play along, feel free. Leave a comment to that affect and keep the ball rolling. Otherwise.... well thanks for reading my humble little blog =)*)

My Fern Lace Stole is still growing. I'm on the 13th repeat now, which means, it is finally longer that it is wide! Yippee! I am getting close to the end of my first yarn cake, which now begs the question, "HOW do you discreetly join another ball of yarn when you are doing lace work? Won't it always show?" The whole weaving in the ends in the finishing stage, seems to be rather inconceivable as well, because, it's GONNA show, right? Anyone have any awesome lace joining/weaving in tips to share? me scared

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Dreams of Yarn said...

I saw a friend use the 'Russian join' to seamless join yarn when doing lace and I'm telling you its incredible! Try searching Russian Join and see if you get instructions.