Monday, October 18, 2010

Non Matchy Matchy Sock Progress Pics

I really have to rip up that carpet!

The socks are truckin' along nicely. It may even be possible to finish them this month. The non-matchy matchiness doesn't bother me. In fact, one of the yarn cakes is wound backwards from the other, which makes for interesting color play between them.

The sharpened needles are working very well, but I may have gone a little too sharp, last night after knitting I had a little injury on my first finger. A little round poke mark that looked like a blood blister. It was gone by this morning, though, so no biggie.

Artsy Fartsy

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Dreams of Yarn said...

I like the non matchy-ness as well. I think that if they arent PERFECTLY matched, close is not good enough, then they should be obviously different... know what I mean? LOVE that second photo :)