Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Socktober Halfober

So... here we are, October 13th, nearly half of the month gone and I've just barely started. I busted out the old bamboo dpns and the new Knitpicks Harmony circs and started my cast-on as follows:

When I started to knit off the dpns, I realized that the tips of my new needles were super blunt. In fact, they are flat on the end, and I can't knit with flat tipped needles. So, after rummaging around I located my go-to option for wooden needles that aren't pointy enough. (and none of them are) Here is a comparison with one before and one after sandpaper:

Very much improved.

After a few rounds, I have the beginning of sock 1, hopefully at the end of the day, I'll have sock 2 next to this one on the circs to really start flying.

One of these days, I really ought to break out some solid sock yarn and try some of these other awesome patterns. But for now, I must be content using Wendy's awesome blue-prints for my plain stockinette socks.

Edited to Add:

My hopes panned out nicely and this is my progress at the end of the day yesterday. Two sock beginnings one one circ, finished with the toe.

I really should remember that my toe is much less point than this. Starting with 16 stitches, rather than 8 would have been smarter. Oh well maybe next time I'll remember that.

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