Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Socktoberfest Socks WIP

Here's where I am on my Socktoberfest socks - I'm nearing the place where I usually cast off. I just don't care much for socks that go up much past my ankles. Knitting them has really kept me much more calm than I would be otherwise. In fact, I went to get some blood work done today, and my blood pressure was pretty low and the little viles took their time filling up. I'm glad something is keeping me from freaking out. It's been a really difficult few weeks.

Lots of waiting and waiting these last few days. I finally got all the insurance stupidity somewhat straight. At least we were finally able to start the medicine this morning, I'm hoping it begins to help soon. Both the doctors say it starts to work the first time you take it.

After my 'fasting' and waiting for a long line of people ahead of my at the lab, I treated myself to some coffee and banana walnut bread from my favorite coffee place. =)

Next post should be the finished product, hopefully before the end of the month. I got some awesome sky pics to share as well. I caught the edge of a huge thunderstorm at sunset. It's the system that spawned a few tornadoes, apparently.

I may have to devote a whole post to those pictures, though, there are loads of them. Anyway, until next time.

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