Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fair Isle is Where the Heart is

Check it OUT! It actually looks the way it's supposed to!

I think that the shaping even worked right. I'm going to do
one more purple row and then start the V part.

I have to say that my hands aren't used to doing Fair Isle, of course, but I have to pace myself or suffer the consequences. I should have very muscular fingers by the time I'm done, that'll be weird to see. =)*)

Here it is close up and you can actually see the colors a little better than before. I must have caught that magic time of day when the light was just right. Or maybe it's just that I wasn't trying very hard, when before I was trying SO hard to get it right.

...and for those of you who like to look at the back of Fair Isle projects... this was several rows ago.

I can barely wait to get started today! yaaay


Susan said...

Looking good! Way to go!

Shannon said...

Yes yes, looking very good indeed!!!

Samantha said...

It's looking awesome! :)

Rebekah said...

Wow April! It look great! I can't wait to see the rest of it, it's like a suspenseful mystery book.

lobstah said...

Whee! You are cruising on that! It looks really good!

AmyP said...

It looks fantastic and just like the sketches and charts you showed!

Patty said...

Wow! It sure doesn't look like ou're just learning how to do this. I love the colours.

Knitcrazy said...

iIt looks Great April..
Are you making a sweater???

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

It looks wonderful, April! 3 thumbs up! :-))