Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hallo, my name is.....what 's my name again?

Oh yeah, April the flower power, shower not mower person.

Yeah, I don't know what the heck I'm talking about either, so don't fret, it's not just you. IT'S MEEEEEEE - faint. (clunk)

Here's a closer look at the Lavender Moon roses. The smell HEAVENLY! **sigh** I SO missed having good roses to take care of. I have 2 other rose bushes, but one is a miniature yellow rose, which IS very pretty, it just isn't high maintainence enough for me. Two clips and I'm done and the stems are so small! A bouquet of roses is very tiny. These though, aaaahhhhh a bouquet is awesome and smells SO GOOD.

I hate to brag, but I'm a genius with roses and they thrive under my care. (I wish I was equally genius with men - not so much - again with the DRAT) lol

ah well, can't be a genius in EVERY area, right? ha

I can be a genius at garter stitch, right? That seems rather easy to say, but I'm finding that I'm much more the stockinette stitch in the round genius, rather than garter stitch. Or as Anastacia put it so aptly in the comments last post: Miles and miles of garter stitch. She also said the illustrious E. Z. would be proud! IS THAT TRUE? a w e s o m e =)

HI E. Z.!

just in case! ahahahahaha YEAH RIGHT i wish

But I DO love the way it's turning out and since doing a scarf in the round isn't such an option (unless I am going to do steeks and fight with the rolling.... nope) I will carry on like a wayward son and hope that there is peace when I am done.






oh well, it's gonna be a great scarf


Shannon said...

Oh I wish I had inherited at least part of that green thumb. I guess I will have to start with house plants and work my way up from there.

I'm working on the knitting skills. I don't think I inherited it, but I can learn. :)

AmyP said...

Could you work some mojo via the internet on my anaemic rose? I've threatened it and it's only just hanging on.
And you do rock the garter stitch! :)