Friday, May 4, 2007

Holy Hat Head, Batman!

Here I am sporting my new beanie hat thing that's long enough to cover my ears! Yaaaaay! I really like it and it doesn't look half bad, if I do say so myself. Now I have to decide on what sort
of scarf I'm going to make. I think I'll go for plain old garter stitch lengthwise, easy. I was getting a little tired of ribbing by the time I was done with the hat.

I know it'll look different than the hat, but...hey it's function not fashion at this point. Stockinette stitch always rolls and like I said, I'm over the ribbing thing, so... garter stitch it is. (I think) =)

So far, the scarf is 234 stitches cast on to equal 54 inches if my count/measuring skills are correct. So far, so good.

Edited to add:

Lookie, lookie! I got two rose bushes! I've been looking for good roses ALL Spring and today I finally found some at Home Depot.

Lavender Moon

Passionate Princess

Beauty, yes?

Oh yes, and I finally planted my pink blooming
Dogwood Tree...
(it finished blooming last month)

....and what's that? Oh yes, my Scarf in progress


AmyP said...

Schnazzy! A woolly hat - just in time for summer! :D

shannon said...

Looks cozy and just right! I really like those colors.

Rebekah said...

The hat is really, really cute. It's look great with your scarf. I think all scarfs should be garter stitch, everything else just rolls and is obnoxious.

Anastacia said...

Miles & miles of garter stitch. Elizabeth Zimmermann would be proud!

Samantha said...

The hat looks fantastic! Hooray! :)

I love your roses. They are lovely lovely.

Momo said...

That is lovely!