Monday, May 21, 2007

Project Progress

Hello everyone! Here she is in all her partial glory! I guess I should really come up with a catchy name for this pattern. I'll have to be thinking about that while I knit. Some how yesterday and Saturday while I was knitting I seemed to have caught on FIRE or something because the rounds just started flowing. I think I had been away from knitting long enough to get slow again, because my last couple of projects really seemed to drag along, in spite of the fact that they were not such large projects. I think I'm back in my knitting groove now. (and now I want to take a nap)

The colors don't photograph so well, so you'll have to take my word for it that the purple is much more purple than it shows up here. The blue is just about right.

Here's what I have so far. All the waist decreases are finished and I've got about an inch of rounds done past them.

I have the stitch markers placed at every 20 stitches. That's how I kept track of
how many I cast on - 200. Then I put stitch markers in the middle of the two panels going up the sides. I have one contrasting marker in the exact middle of the front and one in the middle of the back. The panels of twenty stitches going up the side front and back are the ones I took the waist decreases from. I put markers in the middle of those (10 stitches on either side) and I decreased from the 10 stitches closest to the middle on either side. You can see the orange stitch markers in the picture. The white markers are only 2 stitches away from the orange ones b/c I decreased 8 stitches per panel. I decreased by 1 every 3rd round down to 168 stitches. I started out with 36 inches.

I'll be knitting several rounds before I start the bust increases, which I'll do a little more drastically, every other round instead of every 3rd round. Up to 192 stitches which happens to be divisible by 12 which is the number of stitches in one repeat of the heart pattern motif I plan to to use.

Hopefully I know what I'm doing somewhat. I'm using another hand knit of mine to gauge where I start and finish my decreases. It may turn out a little big, but that'll be ok, since I'll probably have a shirt on under it anyway.

We'll see. I'm hoping for the best, since I can't exactly try it on because my needles are too short and I'm too lazy to do the 'put it on a piece of yarn' thing and try it. Maybe later on.

Is there anyone besides me who gets all caught up with the stats to you blog?

My hits a minute ago were 23,456! I thought that was cool. I also like seeing the other countries in my stat's, that's always cool. I'd like to have a comment from one of my foreign lurkers =) HI! Thanks for lurking and adding to my hits!


Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Your sweater is looking great!!! I think you know exactly what you are doing... Pretty acurate calcualations you did here! ;-)

I hope you will take a photo when you will try it on... I wanna see! LOL


AmyP said...

The Fair-Isle-Vest-With-Hearts looks like it's going well. Keep it up!

Knitcrazy said...

Ok.. I scrolled down and saw the sweater you are making.. Its really so nice... I love it and your fair isle looks terrific!!


midgeling said...

WOOT! Even your floats look purty. I really like the colors you chose. Oh, and....

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