Saturday, May 12, 2007

Red Sky at Night to My Delight

But before sunset THIS is how it looked.
Yep, rotation and lowering, and if I was a really GREAT photographer
or had a better camera, I'd have some
AWESOME lightning strikes to share.
Sorry peeps you'll have to just look at my clouds for now.

Yes, that IS a wall cloud, thanks for asking.

That's what it looked like straight up, above my head.
You can see 4 different levels of clouds up there.
I love storms, mostly. Damage, not so much, but storms are mostly coolish.

This anvil top thunder head looks to be about 30 miles off to the NNE. =)
This particular batch of weather had the BEST smelling rain that
I've experienced in some time. It smelled of rain, watermelons,
horses and hay. I just sat out there in my chair,
sniffing and sniffing it up for at least 2 hours,
maybe 3, because it was just SO good.
I didn't want to stay inside because it just was too
nice out there. I miss having horses = (

Then the sun started to go down and I was forced to take MORE pictures.
All the storms were long gone, off to the SSW at 10 mph taking their tiny hail stones,
dangerous lightning, decent rain fall and great smells with them.

Say what you will about Fort Worth,
but we definitely have the great sky photo ops in these here parts.


AmyP said...

Yikes! That's some weather and a half! Keep looking up, kid! :)

Rebekah said...

What scary weather! Although I can't see the pictures :-(

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Beautiful sky and gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing! :-))

BTW, you have been tagged!!! See details in my blog! :-))

lobstah said...

I love me a good sky photo! Those are great!