Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pasta, a Scarf and the Zoo

I'm not going to narrate this entire post, but just going to sum up (to save time) Last night I made home made whole wheat basil pasta and someone insisted that I take some pictures, so I did =) It's rather easy, if a bit time consumptive, but very filling compared to the stuff at the store. No special equipment, just a cutting board, rolling pin and pizza cutter - I would like a pasta machine thing though, they're awesome.

Here's one of the scarf pics -
somewhere down the post there's
one with me wearing the scarf, I think
I like this pic better =)

The rest of these are Zoo pics, I didn't get the
names of all the ones that aren't obvious
because it was a challenge keeping
these 6 from wandering off from the crowd
and let me tell ya, Zoo and Spring Break,
is.... interesting - enough to
make one recoil into the fetal position
and... well you get the idea - lol

i love meercats

baby giraffe SO cute

SO pretty - don't know what it is tho

It was fun. We are tired.
Navigating a giant double stroller
in that crowd... INSANE

where's the tequila?


Chris said...

Looks like a great zoo. When I was rasing my kids I used to make homemade noodles all the time--they loved them. Lots of work though--I also did not have a machine. I love the Noro scarf.

Robin said...

FANTASTIC!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

6 kids during school holidays at a zoo - and you managed? I'd call that progress, right?
I am in awe at your pasta-making. Just the idea makes me come out in a cold sweat! The Italian's invented dried pasta for a reason, you know. :)

Kelly O said...

The Zoo and your scarf look like great fun.

We are enjoying the first signs of spring here in Canada. One of my favorite times of year.

Dreams of Yarn said...

kudos for the pasta making. I love the idea, but I think if I actually tried to do it I would loose my patience.

midgeling said...

It's photo heaven, lol! You know, we have the same stroller. I miss my mom's homemade pasta. People used to think she was nuts for putting in "all that effort" when they could just spend a buck at the store. But it really does taste so much better!