Tuesday, March 25, 2008

S. S. P. P. - 2

Guess what?! I made it through the next chart with only one small mistake that I could never find, but was easily fixed. YAAAY! I must say that this chart was MUCH easier than it looked, and less thought intensive. (is that even a term?) I don't know why it was so much easier for me, but I sure am glad. Now onto the second to last chart, which is pretty much the same as the chart I just did, with just a little alteration. I may actually finish this thing in a few days! Shock and AWE! I'm glad. One thing this particular part of the project has done to me, though, I keep having the urge to shout out, "AW NUPPS!" - it cracks me up, hopefully some of you understand that. If not, don't despair, I'll explain it all in the end.

Until I can post something interesting for you to look at, here's something interesting to look at =) - yes I know, contradictory, see title of blog.

What Kind of Knitter Are You?

You appear to be a Knitting Goddess. You are constantly giving and are unconcerned with reward, you simply want others to love knitting as much as you do. If someone wants to knit miles of novelty yarns, you are there for them. If someone wants to learn short row shaping, you can help. There are no taboos in knitting, only opportunities to grow. Everyone should have friend like you around if they want to learn to knit, and there's a good chance that your passion has rubbed off on a few others.http://marniemaclean.com
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Robin said...

Apparently I'm a Knitting Guru!

midgeling said...

Hooray! Isn't it great when you get that feeling? And yes - you are indeedy a knitting goddess. :-)

Patty said...

Can't wait to see the FO, you Knitting Goddess you!

Anonymous said...

I, too, appear to be a Guru!
Well done on making it through the first chart! A journey of a thousand miles and all that!

Rebekah said...

I myself find that certain charts are more difficult then others, and some that look really difficult aren't at all. Its a strange phenomenen.

Lovely zoo picturesi n your previous post!

Kelly O said...

Sounds like your project is really coming along. There is nothing like mastering a new lace chart is there. It is funny how some charts are easy to memorize and some I never seem to get.

Mica said...

Very fitting, sista!

I am:
You appear to be a Knitting Purist.
You are an accomplished knitter producing beautiful pieces with a classic feel. You sometimes lament losing half of your local yarn shop to garish novelty yarns. Perhaps you consider fun fur scarves the bane of knitting society and prefer to steer new knitters towards the wool and cotton blends. Some might call you a bit of an elitist but you know that you've been doing this craft long enough to respect the history behind it and honor it with beautiful piece that can last a lifetime.
Looks like I've got some catching up to do!