Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yaay Books, Yaay Yarn!

sis suggested reading

I discovered I was low on sock yarn

and self striping is the BEST =)

been lusting after Noro for years
it doesn't disappoint - sigh

must have yarn for DS4YrOld
(he tried to escape with 3 skeins, but he had to choose his fav)

The Noro is on it's way to being a simple mindless st st scarf
(after I knit 3/4 of it in ribbing
and realized it wasn't such a grand idea
but really, I could knit and re-knit it forever,
it's THAT wonderful)

O happy acquisitions!


Chris said...

I am still lusting after Noro--so pricey. Can't wait to see the scarf. Love the sock yarn. Watcha making darling son? Happy Reading

Raven said...

Mmmmm.... lovely yarn. I still haven't tried Noro yet because I fear when I do I'll never be able to knit with anything else ever again.

Good reading recommendations.

Dreams of Yarn said...

yay for the essentials... books and yarn