Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So Far So Scary

I had to put down the Fern Lace Stole again, it was getting tedious. Funny how something can start out difficult and complicated then turn boring and never ending! =) So I started on my Super Secret Project. Which is, for now, complicated and difficult. I have made a couple of mistakes, frogged back to square one, once. Found one extra stitch and fixed it once. Now I keep getting different numbers when I count. There are supposed to be 87 stitches, and I keep getting 88 or more when I count. Of course, if you want to see my progress, you can check my project out on Ravelry.

On Monday my mom, one of my sisters and I went to see a friend that was in the hospital. I wanted to take some mindless knitting, so I found sock yarn and started two socks on one circ. Well it wasn't mindless enough, so it got frogged at the hospital. Our friend seems to be doing well, after a couple of scares (which seems to be the norm after surgery) so we are all relieved about that.

So for a very short time, I had three projects on the needles at once! This is totally contrary to my usual way of doing things, but I just had to start something more interesting, and then I needed something mindless. I think I still need something mindless, but I've found myself in a serious shortage of nice sock yarn. (eGAD) I have one HALF of a skein of something I'd like to knit, but I can't find the other half! =( I have plenty of solid stuff, but I want something happy. I have that giant ball of strawberry swirl, but I'm saving THAT for Kaylee and that is definitely NOT a mindless knit. I am starting to sound like a spoiled brat, I know, but I don't CARE humph. =)

On a completely different rant, we had days of warning for this big scary Winter storm event. Snow HAIL ICE wind rain tornadoes! Well, there were a couple of tornadoes, but those are normal for Texas. They've been lyingly promising us snow over and over. Why do they bother? This is what we got, squint, you might be able to see it.



Stickchicky said...

count yourself lucky! we have 7 foot snowbanks at the end of our driveway. Yuck.

Chris said...

Well it's white. We got the ice. Well if your lace knit got easy and boring I might just try it again. But after I finish my Irish Hiking Scarf I want to make an I see stars hat.

Robin said...

Looks like our sort of winters!! Of course, it could be worse!

Dreams of Yarn said...

We've been absolutely dumped with snow over and over so perhaps we got your share as well as ours, I'll try and fed-ex some back to you ;P

time for some sock yarn shopping!!! WHoopppeeeee

Kelly O said...

It sounds like you are knitting like I do: one project that makes me think, one that is one the easy side and one small enough to take everywhere with me.

I love sock yarn. I have enough to knit socks for the next couple of years and I am sure I could use some more.