Monday, March 31, 2008

S. S. P. P. - 3

Can you believe it? I'm finished! Go check it out in the projects in Ravelry!

I don't have much else to share, except that I may have discovered an allergy to Mohair - I know! Sad, right? Itchy, swollen hands do not feel good. This I discovered while knitting on a Comfort Shawl for a fellow Ravelry member. It's a really sad story, and we lost one of our precious guy knitters, Rebekah's husband and father of their two girls. Joel was an awesome guy and the creator and founder of the Ravelry group SMACK and we miss him already, very much. Anyway, keep their family in mind, and treasure your own loved ones all the more so. Here's the shawl before I packed it away to ship off tomorrow to the next knitter in line.


Anonymous said...

Well done on finishing the project.
I'm sorry to hear about Joel. I don't run in those circles on Ravelry, so I didn't know about it. It's always sad when a member of a new community dies, but at least you and others have been able to create something positive from the situation.

Chris said...

So sad that it affects your hands. I can knit and crochet with wool. I can't wear it for long periods of time against my skin, but can wear it over something. I cannot--I repeat cannot--do crewel embroidery. Many years ago I did a crewel pic for my sisterinlaw when she was having a baby. Breathing the fibers in the air gave me the worst case of broncitis I have ever had. And I could work on it in little bits--but the day I decided to sit down and finish it--took 6 hours--little by little my breathing got worse and worse. Sooooooooo I do not embroider with wool.

Robin said...

Beautiful! Sorry to hear about your allergy...made me think "what would I do if..."?

Chris said...

BTW the surprise is absolutely gorgeous. very good very good