Monday, March 24, 2008

Super Secret Project Progress

....or S.S.P.P. ? No, just looked like a good acronym. For those of you who know what I'm doing, this will make sense, and for those of you who have ever done this project, you'll probably recognize these instructions. Fortunately for the me, the person who is getting this super secret project as a gift will be SO clueless - bwa ha ha hhhhaaaaaa - (just to cover my bases... if you happen to be reading this and are clueless, it doesn't necessarily mean this super secret project is for you =( and it's unlikely you want it, anyway, because it's very, VERY perfect for the person who is getting it) heHEhehe (that's a Scooby laugh, in case you didn't know)

Anyway, I had to celebrate getting to this point in the pattern and having the right number of stitches because it was a serious challenge for me - sheesh - I dropped stitches, added stitches, sometimes by twos and threes. In fact, after 14 repeats of this particular chart, I am only JUST comfortable with it - and now I have to learn another one! ACK - oh well, it isn't a boring knit, that I can say for sure, and maybe once I'm a MUCH better lace knitter, I'll do this again and triumph at how easy it is - but today is not that day. Today I triumph at having the right number of stitches in SPITE of myself.

....and there was much rejoicing.


Anonymous said...

Hmm ... I think I know the publication and I can spot some key words but I have no idea what the pattern is!

Chris said...

Taking a peek at your prjects you know where--I think I can say that it is going to be beautiful. Good luck. The scarf is all I can handle right now

midgeling said...

Woot! I rejoice along with you! Can't wait to see the FO!

Tracy said...

WooHoo! BTW: You already ARE a good lace knitter.