Sunday, October 10, 2010


My daughter borrowed my stole the other night because she was cold. So I got to thinking, I ought to make her one of her own. Not a bad idea over all. The only problem? I had the worst migraine of the last several years yesterday, and it's not quite all gone even today. Why oh WHY did I think I could wrap my half a head around a lace chart? HUH? Why? Why why why? I couldn't even get through the first row of the chart without tinking and tinking and tinking and then finally it hit the frog pond. I'll get back to that later. bleh

Guess I'd better stick with the socks for now. Plain old stockinette and self patterning yarn. Much more doable with this head, such as it is. Well, at least I got a skein of sock yarn wound, even if it is in two very obviously different sizes. My poor little yarn weighing scale got all battery acid corroded and now it's broken. I tried to guesstimate it with the winder, but it didn't work out so good. And HOW is it that when I wind my own yarn, I more often than not I lose the beginning of the center pull?

OH well - these socks will not be matches of each other, but do I care? NO NO NO not even a little bit.


I have an odd craving for potato chips. Thankfully I don't buy those things very often, but these migraines definitely require potato products of some sort. Potatoes in the oven getting baked as I type. A much better option, definitely.

We need a picture to distract us.

One more random thought. Is it just me? I never get tired of watching The Fifth Element. I love that movie.

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Anonymous said...

I would be very happy if I was only allowed to own one movie and that move is The Fifth Element!