Sunday, February 3, 2008

AND....... rest

WHEW! What a great Saturday that was! I got all the essential cleaning done spit-spot, tip-top and had a wonderful time with my out of state cousin and his wife. It was just about as perfect as it comes. I didn't have to cook anything, since I provided the place, and the back yard and the grill. My brother made me a killer margarita. I think I should have only drank half of it though. I should know by now to stop when I can't feel my lips. No side affects today though, thanks to loads of water 4 advil and 2 exced. migraine - not all at once, of course! I think it was the customary 4 hour intervals. Anyway, he made sure I was sufficiently chill, that's for sure. About half-way thru it, I said to my brother, "Um... is this thing unUSually strong, or do I just need protein." He said, "It's unusually strong and rather large." "Ah, ok" giggle - Yeah, I totally shoulda put it down then.

In view of the days of major activity, today, I rest, and play and knit a little. (one row, so far, but planning to finish at least one repeat, which should put me around 20 or so total)

There's something that I told y'all I was gonna do WAY last Spring. I finally did it. A photo shoot of my new guitar. Here she is in all her glory.

Isn't she faboo?

While I had her out, I decided to try to take a profile pic of myself. Well, we all know how that goes, right? I am not one of these internet chics that can put the camera at arm's length and turn out something that won't burn your retinas. It's sad.

I've never really been very photogenic, since I think it has something to do with being relaxed. lol It takes load of pictures to get a few decent ones. The last time I did this, if you recall, I was working on my portfolio. It took HOURS to get just 3 decent shots, and I wasn't much happy with any of them.

This time I was a bit more relaxed, since there was no portfolio pressure. There also may be some residual tequila in the works, not sure.

I'm going to post the ones I like on Flickr. AND, if you care to participate in an experiment, I'm interested in your opinions to help me decide which one to use for my new Ravelry profile pic.

This one isn't in the running =) I just think it's silly.

Hopefully I'll get some knittin' done today and have something to show for it soon. I'm actually getting better at this lace thing, I can actually read the chart! It's a super easy chart, true, but it's good practice for my secret project to come which is mostly ALL chart stuff. eeek! I was looking at my current project a few days ago and discovered a mistake on about the 3rd or 4th repeat! LOL oh well, it's just a few misshapen leaves, NO WAY I'll start over for that. So weird how you can't always see that stuff in the beginning of a project.

Well, I think I hear the Super Bowl in the background, so I think I'll go check it out, out of morbid curiosity =)*)

I'm wearing my Cowboys T-shirt just to be spiteful.

***EDIT*** Check out this contest over at Ridiculous Obsession and tell her I sent ya =)


Chris said...

I snuck over to flickr through ravelry. I love all your pics--especially the ones of the kids. Nice kids. You are a talented lady. Keep up the good work. Don't know how far I will get with lace. The scarf I am trying to do is driving me bonkers and it is really simple.

Renee said...

I like 430 or opinion for ya.

Pretty guitar!

Dreams of Yarn said...

I like 435 and 423 :) GREAT looking guitar, man I wish I was cool enough to be able to play :)

Megan said...

I like 400, 447, 435, 423 - not really helpful in narrowing it down I know.

Rebekah said...

What a beautiful guitar. Love the details in it. Although your cross-eyed picture is scaring me a bit :-)

Tracy said...

The guitar is beautiful. Leaves SHOULD be mishappen...That's nature. Go with it :)