Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?

About halfway through repeat number 23 on the Fern Lace Stole, I ran into a problem. I was on the row where I'm supposed to K3tog, k3, yo, k1, yo k9, - but when it came time to k9 there were only 6 stitches left to K! I counted and counted, and this is how it looked.

I couldn't find any dropped stitches so I did the only thing I could think of, I plopped those rubber stopper things on the ends of the needles and dropped what should have been 16 stitches back to the life line in the middle of the stole. What had I done? Well, it turns out that on row 5 where I was supposed to K3tog, k4, yo, k1, yo, k3.... etc I instead did K3tog, k3tog to begin the row and some other concoction of the stitches I was supposed to do that still gave me no clue I'd messed up.

So once I got the right stitches in the right order and stopped dropping more, I finally had something that looked like this:

It still has tension issues, and no matter where I tug, it stays pretty much the same. That's okay, the whole thing is going to be eventually stretched out beyond recognition anyway, right? Please say yes - aaaauuuggghhh!

To distract myself from the tension my tension is causing, check this out all you dream analysts out there. So I dreamt last night that I needed to catch a train to Vancouver. I'm not sure where I was going to Vancouver FROM, but it was definitely very important for me to get there. The train was leaving at 5:52pm and I didn't have to money to buy the ticket. I was traveling with my best friend, but I didn't ask her for the money, but asked another friend of mine who was there. He gave me the $50 or so for the ticket, but at the ticket booth they said I needed nine more dollars for some other fee related to the train ride. I went to the ATM to find I only had five dollars in my account. So I left my card in the ATM machine and called my mother (?) to see if they could transfer some cash to my account. She couldn't. Then I noticed it was already 6 o'clock! So I ran to the train, where the line was queuing up to get on the train. My best friend was just getting in line and she says, "I've got the nine dollars, don't worry." Except now I remember I left my card in the ATM machine, and the line is moving REAL fast. So I'm just about to dart back to get it when I wake up.

I woke up more tired than when I fell asleep! =( Needless to say, I definitely skipped the green tea this morning and went straight for the coffee!

I still haven't finished repeat 23, but maybe I can do that before kids start coming home to join the three that are already here. Ya think?


Chris said...

Wow--what an exhausting and frustrating dream!! The shawl is absolutely gorgeous. I am sure the place you fixed will not even show. Keep up the good work.

Leigh said...

Your lace looks lovely! I'm way impressed. A lace stole is going to be one of my '08 challenges. I will knit a stole... and it will be pretty! And nice (Malabrigo). :-D Thanks for your comments on my blog - I seriously don't know of a single person who isn't happy that someone could stop by and take a moment and share what they think. Thanks again! Happy Valentine's day!

Kelly O said...

I had not thought about a name for the yarn yet, but I think you nailed it. It was so much fun to spin and dye that I think Happiness is a perfect name for it. I welcome your two cents anytime!

Your lace is lovely. I have tried lace a time or two, it usually wins.

midgeling said...

It looks lovely! And Kudos for the fix. You did a great job. It really won't show when it is finished unless you look hard for it.

Tracy said...

I HATE "busy" dreams. I used to get them all the time when I was in college. I would do the same calculus problem over and over. I'd wake up exhusted. Sucks.