Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fun and Lace

Check out this awesome nickname generator I saw on Jac's World's blog. Sawyer from Lost gives it to you, it's cool. Especially if you have a hard time resisting the 'bad boy' type. lol So my new handle is Sugarpop! Too funny. Most everyone else just calls me Sweetie, but I guess it's the same. I always just thought my husband called me that just hoping eventually it would be true. hehehe Then when strangers started calling me it, I figured I must look the part or something. =)

I finally picked up the lace again yesterday, after having enough rest that knitting no longer felt like something I was doing with 10 thumbs. I am now halfway through repeat number 21. It's getting quite long! I'm starting to think I may have yarn left once it's long enough to be a stole. Either that, or I'm going to make an obscenely long stole and wrap it around and around like a sari. =)) Haven't decided yet.

As usual, the sunset fireworks are still going on. Here's the latest show.

Whatever I don't like about this area, I do love the sky.


Dreams of Yarn said...

I like the idea of the long sari type stole :) I'm happier with tons of drapey fabric than not enough. But then again you aren't making it for me!

Looking fabulous in any case!! And your sky pictures are always fabulous. Right now its all white here. Just got 30cm of snow!!

Pixiepurls said...

wow thats beutiful

Robin said... that lace shawl!!! Those sky shots are awesome!

Chris said...

The skies are awesome. And I love the stole. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

Chris said...

My nickname was short pants--at 58 years old I don't think I wanna post that one on my blog--but got a great laugh out of it. Thx.

Heidi said...

Your lace is So pretty :)

Tracy said...

Gorgeous. Beautiful knitiing and color.