Monday, February 4, 2008

You Make My Day

Thanks for nominating me Chris! It's nice to know I was able to brighten your day a few times, you've done the same for me on many occasions as well.

Now for the list of the blogs that make my day, in no particular order.

Isa at Tricotine is always inspiring and takes wonderful pictures.
Everyone loves Stitchy McYarn Pants, of course, and so do I.
Gary over at Free Your Voice always makes me think, and/or laugh out loud and always has the coolest pictures.
Amy at Dyed in the Wool is a kindred spirit with an eye for design and a keen wit.
Renee from Froggie Meanie always has the cutest pictures and designed the prettiest little sweater I've ever seen.
There are always those certain bloggers with whom you end up being friends for life, especially when you find you have cool stuff in common. Rebekah at Knick Knack falls in this category.
I think Shannon has already been nominated in this category, but it's true for me, too, Dreams of Yarn frequently makes my day.
I've only been reading Micah's ReaALitY Tour for a few weeks, but the high energy, hilarity and varied content always leaves me in a good mood.
Susan at Hyperactive Hands is a great talent and a new mom with adorable baby pictures to share, how can it NOT make my day over there?
Over at My Life as I See it, Catrin always has something interesting going on whether it be awesome knits or pictures of her latest holiday.
Then there's Kaity, an up and coming designer, sock knitter extraordinaire. You have to check out the awesome socks over at Kaity Knits....A Lot.

Of course, no one is required to participate just because I nominated them and I never read the rules, but anyone who wants to spread the love - go forth and prosper =)

Thanks to those of you who offered your opinions about which photo I'm going to use for my new Ravitar =) There was one the stood out as a favorite to most everyone, and it wasn't the one I expected or favored from the start, but it grew on me, too. So that's the one I chose.


Kaity said...

Yay! You make my day, too.

Chris said...

I love that pic--glad you chose it

Rebekah said...

Awww thank you. You made my day by nominating me. By the way, love the sweater your wearing.

Anonymous said...

Aww .. sweetie! Thank you for nominating me - my tired eyes and aching feet appreciate it! :)

Tracy said...

Good choice on the pic.