Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who Lives in Chilliwack?

By now we all know that I'm a little obsessed with Canada, right? I'm not exactly alone, two of my sisters also have the Canada/Canadian bug. Get this! For the last two days, my youngest child, the one who is four, has brought me encyclopedias that have maps in them that include Canada. Then he points to Canada on the map and says, "Momma? Can we go here, please?" Today it was a little MORE weird, he finds a map of the state of Washington, points right to the North in Canada on highway 1 (or whatever you call them up there) to the specific town of Chilliwack and says, "Momma, can we please go here? PLEASE!? Do we HAVE to wait 'till later?" Thinking it was a fluke, I made him show me again, both times he pointed straight at Chilliwack.

I just stare at him and feel confused and a little freaked out. He can't read, so why is he trying to get me to go to Vancouver area? I think I'd better start the process of getting a passport, and I'd better get one for him as well, because apparently he's already thinking about Canada, too. Weird, eh? This is how I felt about it.

I had to put down the lace again, it's been a little to heady for me while I was almost but not really sick just tired and a big ol miss cranky pants. So last night I was badly wanting some mindless knitting and cast on the hat you see on the head of the four year old. It was going to be just stockinette stitch until I stumbled upon something cool and decided to see if I could do it in the round. So I did and it looks like this.

and this

For some reason my camera has serious issues getting the colors right when it comes to blues and purples. The purples wash out to blues and it's annoying. I think it's going to be much better when I finally get my manual focus slr, because it's when this thing focuses that it decides to change all the colors. It even did it outside when I was trying to catch the awesome colors in a sunrise the other day. I think it may be slowly dying, because I've never had any trouble with catching sky colors before.

this is nowhere NEAR what was there =(

And it happened again when I was trying to take this picture of a VERY bright rainbow
You can barely see it - FRUSTRATION
This was actually a double rainbow, and I was so sad
when I couldn't get the second one to show up.

I wish that the photography biz I was trying to do was actually doing something, then I could go get my camera without guilt. Maybe maybe maybe soonish.

Do YOU know anyone who lives in Chilliwack?


Stickchicky said...

Not chilliwack, but I have friends and family in Vancouver, Surrey, Kelowna, Richmond and Victoria.

Kelly O said...

I live about 3 hours from Chilliwack. They have a good minor hockey there.

This post made me laugh. I have been to Chilliwack several times. My husbanda grandfather lives there. It is pretty, but smells like the cattle they raise in the area if you get my drift.

When you plan your trip to Chilliwack let me know I will meet you there. We can storm the yarn shop together.

Renee said...

I don't know anyone from Chilliwack but it is a) the name of a slope on the ski hill I grew up near (Marble Mountain) and b) was the name of a Canadian band in the '80s who sang a really catchy song called Gone, Gone, Gone (she's been gone so long).

Chris said...

Nope don't know anyone in Chilliwack. But go and have a ball. Love the rainbow and the hat. My step daughter has been dabbling in photography for about 10 years and just started her own business. She is pretty good.

midgeling said...

Nope, I don't know anyone from Chilliwack. But you know you have to go sometime. And if you make it there by way of Seattle, give me a holler and I will take you to lunch! The hat is looking great. It sounds like your non-SLR color issues are due to bad white balance programs in you camera. That is pretty common. But the sky photos you managed to take are beauties! We mostly get nothin but gray up here this time of year, lol.

Anonymous said...

Canadians - crazy names, crazy guys!
I love that photo of your son - he looks adorable. A complete terror, but adorable! :)

Dreams of Yarn said...

Yes yes, come to Canada!!! but more towards Ontario way,,, BC is too far for me to go.

Mica said...

Good ga, take me with you sissta!
I'm definitely going to get a passport sometime, in the future...
lol, I love his expressions, and your hats, and the yarn that they are made of.
Ohh & I changed my web address to

Robin said...

I've never heard of Chilliwack!! Love the pics...especially your "model"!!

Jacqui said...

LOL @ Renee; I immediately thought of the band too!

I haven't been to Chiliwack, but I have been to Vancouver. There's some beautiful country to see here in Canada so enjoy! :)

Tracy said...

Sounds like you must go to Chilliwack, then. You have to go just because to the name. I did that once...I was driving to Calgary and just "needed" to spend the night in Moose Jaw. I've now stayed there 3 times for no good reason.