Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Meme

Because I haven't been knitting much =)

The 6th - 9th sentences on page 123 of the book I'm reading, "Persuasion"

" '.... It was curious, that having just left you behind me in Bath, my first and principal acquaintance on marrying should be your cousin; and that, through him, I should be continually hearing of your father and sister. He described one Miss Elliot, and I though very affectionately of the other.'

"Perhaps," cried Anne, struck by a sudden idea, "you sometimes spoke of me to Mr Elliot?"

'To be sure I did; very often. I used to boast of my own Anne Elliot, and vouch for your being a very different creature from -' "

OKAY! so I got carried away and did the 6th - 11th sentences, I was fixated on the number 5 instead of the number 3. It's more interesting to break the rules sometimes, yes? (I don't do it very often, but in this case... no harm)

Since I very recently did a similar meme, I not going to tag anyone specifically, anyone who wants to play can. Funny, I don't mind BEING tagged, but I feel weird tagging others. What's THAT about?

In other news... I've been a bit under the weather, just a very little bit. I never actually got all the way sick, but just ended up with a really stiff neck, one side, then both, now the other. One of the kids has been sick since Thursday, sent home from school that morning, then slept all day long, then during the night periodically came into my room waking me out of a deep sleep to ask me if it was morning yet. (NO! go to bed! grrr) I was VERY cranky on Friday. (and a little pmsey, I think) By Friday night I had a migraine, and couldn't sleep, so I tried the excedrine in the middle of the night, finally got to sleep for a few hours. Half asleep all day Saturday, still a bit with the headache.... today I feel better, but the stiff neck is irritating. Probably due to the fact that the sick kiddo got sicker and was up and down all night with a bad earache. I was gonna take him to the Doctor today, but he's back to sleeping all day again. Sleep is always what I need most when I'm sick, so I'm going to let him rest today, and take him to the Doctor tomorrow.

So between tiredness that feels like a cross between intoxication and crying =) the knitting thing doesn't work so well. I think I got through 2 rows on Friday, during which I made a mistake that took me SO long to figure out, that by the time I had it fixed, I was too exhausted to continue. More harm than good knitting in that state, so I just sat there and stared, mostly.

In spite of how dreary this all sounds, I have to say, that emotionally I've been doing SO much better. I've been feeling much more like someone I'm familiar with. It scares me a little to feel good, but I can get used to it. =) I should probably explain why it scares me? I was feeling pretty good the last time I went off, too, so some little voice in the back of my mind says, "are you going back to that place?" Going through something like that really shakes you to your core and makes you doubt everything you thought you knew about yourself and those around you. Second guessing can become something like poison in your brain and can really take over.

I'm pretty sure I'm okay. LOL I feel good, I'm laughing a lot more, I'm interested in things I had lost interest in... that sort of thing. I still have some things to sort out and other things that I have completely stopped that I need to restart, but I'm getting there. I think I just really needed to hit the 'reset' button on my life, taking that month off back in October (and half of November) helped. Then, getting things cleaned up and sorted through - breaking the old printers - was REALLY good. I think that of all the things I've done in the last year, that was most helpful to my feeling of well being. I still have to tackle my bed room, but that door has a lock on it, so I can do when I WANT to =)


Heidi said...

I still need to read persuasions. Did you ever happen to find the movie?

Yes, I need to go on a yarn "crawl", or "hunt", or some term for, vigorously searching for much needed yarn! Ug, I just don't know when or where.
Hope you get to feeling better, and thanks for the comment on my lonely blog ;)

Robin said...

Hope you are feeling better soon...the "crap" is going around!!
Lots of chicken soup...

Rebekah said...

I need to get back to my reading of Jane Austen.

Hope you feel better soon, I hate feeling semi-sick. Where I'm under the weather but not truly sick sick. Its the worse.

Emma of Flitwick said...

I have been up and down and all around not feeling well too. Bloody bugs! Once we get through February all will be better I promise!!!

midgeling said...

I am glad you seem to be feeling better. I totally know how it feels to be doing better and almost waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is hard to get used to it not feeling like the world is ending.

Tracy said...

Feeling good is good. Don't worry about tomorrow...